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Ripping Go Vacation models [Switch]
I got the extracted files from the Switch release of Go Vacation. I managed to extract some model files with Switch Toolbox but some of these models have different poses instead of the T-Pose. Did I do something wrong? For example, there are these outfit models. One for male and one for female. The male does have the default T-Pose but the female doesn't. When I test animations, both genders work just fine. Is there a way to bring the female version to the T-Pose as well?

Also, there are some files in the WTA format. Especially "all_model_pack.wta" and "all_model_pack_tex.wta". It seems that this contains all the clothing found in this game (except outfits from specific activities). Is there a way to extract/decompress these files?

If you want, I can upload the files here to check out yourself. Thanks in advance.
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Here's the issue:
[Image: ynotpose.jpg]
Left is rest pose (along with other models) and right is an animation. You see that it just works fine. Is it possible to get it to t-pose in Blender?

If desired, I can submit the model files here to check for yourself. Any help would be appreciated.
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