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Just how the hell long does it take to get something approved on here...?
(09-23-2019, 10:57 PM)-Q- Wrote: Wow. Baby me. Ok. You're confused. This is for you. The contributions that people make on here - that we make on here - we get nothing out of it. Not even credit or recognition. Now, some request it, but I personally think it's arrogant as hell to lay claim to someone else's work. Even I was not above this and I used to tag my submissions with a silly little picture (really wish I could edit these out now).

It's literally out of the goodness out of our hearts. There are about a million and one things we could be doing, and we choose to bolster your database of pretty little pictures. Now, if this is somehow someone's livelihood, I apologize for being disingenuous. And also, I'd really like to know how you make a monetary living off of this.

So for you to claim that requesting the process be more user-friendly and streamlined is the equivalent to babying us, there's a term that exists for that: Go fuck yourself. Most human beings don't look at their pending submissions page because: 1) They're pending. Waiting in line. Idle. Nothing happening. 2) No new information is displayed regarding the status of the submission on the pending page. Because that function is precisely reserved for PM'sUnimpressed I say "Let's include a wee bit more information and notifications regarding pending submissions" you say "We're not here to baby you."

You can choose to accept or not accept via obtuse reasoning. That's on you. And I can just as easily choose to submit my shit elsewhere from now on.

And now that I have thoroughly gotten my ass banned, I will bid you adieu. I want to say it's been fun, but it hasn't. When I tried to make discussion, ya'll were rude as fuck. When I made a request once or twice, ya'll were useless. And when I made a simple suggestion, welp, I guess I want to be babied.

I don't ban people for having an opinion nor for a bit of rudeness. You're welcome to submit wherever you want. Oh, and for the record, you absolutely can submit a revision to your sheets removing the credit tag if you no longer want it on there. But none of that is the point of this reply. I simply want to make a few things clear to everyone else who's reading this and to you, specifically, -Q-.

You came in here with an attitude from the get-go complaining that it's been over three months since you submitted with nothing to show for it. You claim that we should be notifying users of things because you forgot them instead of taking responsibility for it. None of our PMs are automated - all of them require direct involvement form the staff before they're sent. So putting in a PM to tell people they forgot icons, which are clearly marked as optional, is not only unnecessary but also very user-unfriendly given that it implies that they are in fact required when it is explicitly stated otherwise. I can't imagine making the process any more streamlined than it has become over the years. You may not know (or remember, at least) this but back in the day, submissions were handled exclusively through the forum and had to be manually uploaded by staff. If anyone has any well thought out and less abrasive suggestions on how to improve the process though, we'd love to hear them in the Suggestions thread which you can find at the top of this forum.

But, back to your reply, -Q-, did you never think, even once, in all of the time you were waiting that there might be a reason for the slowness of our response? Expecting to have your stuff reviewed and up on the site within a week is asking for disappointment regardless but in this case, you clearly thought we should have addressed them sooner than now so I'd think the logical thing to do would be to take a peak at your own pending submissions to see if something is wrong. Or perhaps check the forum for the stickied thread outlining this exact topic. But no, you came in here effectively calling us all lazy and really got things started on a bad note.

You accurately point out that the members who submit here do so because they went to (though you do seem to neglect the fact that those submitters are directly credited and we often call out specific submitters in the weekly update when there's something noteworthy to see so to say there is no credit or recognition is patently false). We acknowledge that frequently and appreciate the work our community does without a doubt. But as true as your statement is, also remember that our staff does this because they want to as well. So coming in here and implying they're lazy for not doing work which you're clearly capable of doing yourself won't be tolerated. Was I a bit rude? Sure. Could I have perhaps chosen some of my wording slightly better? Absolutely. But you set the tone of this discussion with your opening post and escalated it with your reply early on so don't come in here and berate me for defending those who you are publicly attacking.

Like I said up front, you can stay or go as you please. You can submit here or anywhere else you want. I don't care either way. But before I go, I do want to point out that the pending page does in fact show you information you might not have been aware of beyond the fact that you didn't include icons - it alerts you to potential problems with your submissions in the event that a zip contains files that we're not expecting to see as well as a couple other site-specific issues that come up frequently. So, just because you chose to ignore it doesn't mean it is useless. And in fact, this thread proves that looking at it at least once after submitting can be advantageous if not only to help you spot your own mistakes before they get to us.
(09-23-2019, 10:57 PM)-Q- Wrote: big wall of nonsense text

Did you really read anything of what Petie said? What part of the "there's 300+ sheets in the queue" you didn't understand? Petie was never rude at any point, in fact he was very professional despite you being rude and very condescending. The Staff are real people with real lifes, they have real jobs and this site is VOLUNTARY WORK that they receive nothing for doing. They're not automated robots who work 24/7, and more importantly, THEY DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.
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Even though you made the thread acting very entitled and rude yourself, I will make a fair point here:

I understand the confusion of why newer submissions are being handled before older ones. This is admittedly a fault of ours, and we've acknowledged it and are starting to try to rectify it. Some of us just check the queue on our mobile devices while we're out and about tending to our personal lives just to try and manage what we can and help out in the few moments of free time we may have. Not all of us have a lot of time at our PCs to properly check everything, such as .ZIP archives and things that require icons or other special attention. This means those types of submissions that are not clear-cut cannot be tended to yet.

Now, I will try to better explain why it takes so long in case you do not believe us:

As Petie and others mentioned as well, we have hundreds of submissions; dozens that come flooding in each and every day. This may sound like excuses, but we really are understaffed (this is because it's very difficult to find people who meet the qualifications needed to ensure that we can trust them to manage submissions with a trained eye for quality; this is especially true for models). There may be several of us that can work on sprites, but we simply have our own personal lives to attend to. As has also been stated, this is also volunteer work on our part, as well.

Tons of people get angry that their submissions have been waiting for months, weeks, days, even less than a day. That is how little people understand what goes into our checking process. People may think it is as simple as clicking a button. It's really not. We frequently discuss amongst eachother if a submission is up to standard to be hosted on the sites. Sometimes we get such oddball submissions we simply cannot figure out what to do with them. That is partially why some stay sitting in there for a bit longer until we can come to an informed, unanimous decision that is in the site and community's best interest.

Again as stated, we don't press approve or reject because we feel like it, or because we dislike someone; we thoroughly check stuff to make sure that it is fit for hosting, such hosting which is paid for by a human being with a job and family and life. We do not earn any money for doing this. This is soley a hobby. We do this because we enjoy it, just like you.

When we say we are human beings with lives, that means that we have our own personal struggles that we have to deal with day to day, just like yourself. Some of us are overloaded with school. Some of us are very stressed with our jobs and personal life situations and the site is the last thing we should have to worry about. Some of us are having kids. Some of us spend quality time with our families. Some of us, specifically myself, are dealing with an influx of health issues on top of all of that (I have restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia and stomach problems for example, which makes it very difficult to sleep at night and thus causes me to feel sick during the day and unable to do a lot). This hinders us from being able to dedicate a lot of time to managing submissions.

And once again, as stated, nobody has any idea how much we appreciate them contributing and making Dazz and ours' dreams come alive.

I speak for all of us with certainty when I say that we do not want you or anyone to think we hold a grudge or are ignoring you because we feel like it. Maybe you will not accept this answer, and if that is the case, I am sorry we could not come to an agreement. But please, please do not label all of us as lazy dictators who seize power over everyone else and purposely pick people out. That is hurtful to some of us, as we actually try the best we can to please as many people as we can, only to have personal insults and threats thrown our way. And, cases like this.

EDIT: On the topic of your submissions specifically, instead of rejecting them I will provide you with some feedback since that is what you were looking for.

These appear to be raw file dumps. This is okay in some cases, but the graphics are all over the place and unusable. I would try to organize them and edit the sheets (you can revise them from your CP, if I'm not mistaken) so that relevant elements are together rather than jumbled. Once they are fixed up, they should be fit to approve. I do apologize that everyone has to wait, we just ask for some patience.
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I was hoping you'd have locked this, MJ lol.

Yeah, buddy. Coming in here with that kinda attitude certainly WILL NOT get your shit looked at any faster. If that were me I'd flat out delay it further just to stick it.

You're acting like some spoiled little baby who expects their stuff NOW NOW NOW. That tends to... I don't know, REALLY attract people's ire. Those cringe-worthy posts... I felt horrible for the staff and Petie, Jeez.

Calm the fuck down and wait like everyone else. You can't just expect a free pass.
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(09-25-2019, 07:54 PM)Tabuu Forte Akugun Wrote: I was hoping you'd have locked this, MJ lol.

I didn't lock this because we are waiting for -Q- to read all of this and reply both to us and my feedback so that I know what to do with their submissions. But seeing how they are probably not coming back...

Just stop posting here and see if they decide to see what we have to say.
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