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Playstation 2 Sprite Ripping Tutorial
Here's a tutorial I made how to rip Playstation 2 sprites (this can somewhat rip textures too).

You''ll need:
PS2 Emulator
Tiled GGD (I use the PE version)

Step 1.
Load up TiledGGD and PCSX2.

Step 2.
On the PCSX2, choose what game you want, save state the game in a specific location were you want to rip the sprites.

Step 3.
Open up you're save states (sstates) and look for your save state file (It should be the same name for the bin or cue file).

Step 4.
Like the original playstation, turn the file into a 7z file (Winrar should be recommended to open these files). Name you're file whatever you want.

Step 5.
Extract the file, then there will be ALOT of files you need to go for, you'll need to open up the eeMemory.bin file.

Step 6.
Load up TiledGGD.
[Image: 1.png]

Step 7. 
Put the eeMemory.bin file into TiledGGD.
Once you put the file into TiledGGD, this actually looks normal as the graphics on the file.
[Image: 2.png]
Step 8.
If you want to look for the graphics, it takes time to look for the files. And a note to that, each graphics has a different bpp (bits per pixel)
Here a bit of information if you want to look for the graphics. (for each PS2 game):
4bpp (16 colors)
8bpp (256 colors)
Here's some examples that I took:
[Image: 3.png](24bbp) [Image: 5.png](8bpp)

Step 9.
Lastly, finding the palette. If you want to find the palette, I'll show you an easier way. Go in the graphics viewer, set the graphics to 16bbp (For 16 color images) or 32bbp (For 256 color images), set it to little endian (i'm using PE because it fixes bugs on it). Because it's much larger than the normal palette, you can find it easier! Once you look for it, and there you go! You found the palette that's much easier to find. Now look for that palette in the normal palette viewer. Paste the graphics once you got everything you need paste it into art editor program (like Paint.NET)
[Image: 4.png]
Special Thanks for:
Division (finding the file I need)
Magma MK-II (how to find the graphics for PSvram on the Playstation tutorial)
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