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Darkstalkers resurrection
who's ready

First day of NYCC, I'm at the (mediocre) Street Fighter 25th anniversary panel when Ono (yes, the producer of SF4) paraded through the audience, shouting in English "Hey, hey! I have one more news!!" and I shit you not, in full Chun-Li cosplay as he made his way up to the stage.

During his announcement, he mentioned something brief about SFxT and showing a screenshot from EVO (?) stating DARKSTALKERS ARE NOT DEAD
The crowd gets excited. He then reveals that there's something he'd like to show us.

Cue a graveyard. The crowd goes insane, because we all knew where this is going. It was a really fricken nice trailer featuring Raptor and Dmitri, with the words at the end reading 

Now we're all hyped as fuck. He then takes this time with his interpreter to introduce Darkstalkers Ressurection, a port for PS3 and XBOX360 similar to that of 3rd Strike Online and Marvel VS Capcom Origins. 
It ports Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 - according to Capcom staff, it's due to the fact that there's such a difference in the engine and mechanics of the two that most players debate on which one is better, so why not include both in one $15 package?
It's got mostly all the features of MVCO, but there's a combo challenge mode that also explains why the combo is practical in advanced play (hello, skullgirls)
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I remember this. I was there. Too bad Capcom had that weird bug up their ass back then about "We'll reboot the series if 1 million copies of this game you all already physically own and use for tournaments sells"

This game was awesome - it was like THE fast-paced fighter that put anime fighters on the map. Maybe now with MK11 and DBFZ trashing the heck out of its old niche Capcom will finally give Ono and company the greenlight the series needed like 10 years ago so they can finally have 2 games at Evo again in 2020
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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