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Capcom Style Mugen Horror Game W.I.P. -- Pinhead / Hellraiser Sprite Sheet included
Added some detail to the Elvira gif... still not 100% happy with it, but will have to update later. I just need a break for now:

[Image: e-update.png]
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hey friend Smile

Here is my contribution to your work! Wink

[Image: mike_t10.gif]
[Image: mike-a11.gif]
[Image: mike10.png]

Can be a intro or Win pose

Merry Christmas Wink
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Hahaha nice, hope your christmas was good as well
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(12-28-2018, 04:30 PM)sil3nt j Wrote: Hahaha nice, hope your christmas was good as well

Yes, it was.. I eat so many chocolates. ^^

sil3nt j I want to ask you if I can help you in this project .. I had ideas to create jason. I already have experience .. 

if you go to my channel, take a look at what I've already done.
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Hmmm maybe. I've been pretty busy lately. What is the project?
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(01-03-2019, 09:27 PM)sil3nt j Wrote: Hmmm maybe. I've been pretty busy lately. What is the project?

the project is just creating horror chars like freedy ,jason,letherface,etc...

and then you can use these chars in your project if you want Wink
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Great work on everything. I'm really excited this is still moving forward as I have dreamed of this type of game since mugen's infancy. 
I know about terrordrome, and would like it if it was Capcom or CvS style sprites. This is exactly what I imagined a Horror Mugen Legends would be.
P.S. I'm not sure if you saw but I created a bonus stage if you want to use for the game. You get a random Horror legend when breaking the boulder.
[Image: stone.png]


Gray Shooter over at MMV posted this a while ago, another Idea for a Michael Myers Intro.

[Image: intro11.png]

I'm still working on him, but have been busy with my administrator duties on MMV forum. We had 2 events recently, the Halloween and End of Year events. It has been very busy.
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Nice intros. The bonus stage looks cool too. Any chance you could make a video of it that.guy?

I took the sprite of Samara that flavio posted and re-colored the portrait to those colors. I also added her to the line up and re-colored Eric Draven's neck to be the same shade as his skin on his sprite:

[Image: horror-character-select.png]

Also, finally got around to seeing 'Slender Man.' Noticed that he doesn't talk, but that he makes rattling and squealing noises. I was thinking for is win quotes, instead of having him talk or just say '.......' like Michael, he could be like Blanka SFA3 and make sounds for his quotes and then underneath it could be the translation. Here's what I came up with for his win quotes:


Shriek! Shriek!

Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!
(Your soul is mine!)

Shriek! Rattle!
(No escape!)

Rattle! Shriek! Rattle!
(Time's up!)

btw what is left for Jason and Freddy?

Also, came across these... were you planning on using them? Any ideas for the stages? Was thinking of a few earlier. Saw Jason and Ash have stages already, that's good:
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Jason is a 4 button at best currently, but Chuchoryu is still working on him
Freddy is still a startup currently but Carnage777 said that he is putting his focus back on Freddy.
Yes thatbloke is really talented with portraits, we can ask him to create any ones that are missing.
I told him about this project and the few character names I gave him he created for the Halloween event specifically.
All we need to do is credit him for them and they are in.

Here are a couple of early videos. I can add more characters, and/or change out the sprites as I used mostly Prime Op sprites for it (it was made before all your models were available). I'll make an exclusive version for this. 

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I was thinking about what you said about not making him so stiff (Michael) and watched the video you posted of him. Try this for his new knife throw animation. The sprites on top are two sprites you could use for the bonus stage:

[Image: update.png]

Also, edited his win pose. All I did was change the first and last sprites, but it looks 10 times better:

[Image: update.png]
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I was going to say, you could use the top set of sprites for the upward knife throw too. Also, I saw that someone gave him a downward air knife throw in one of the videos. Maybe try the bottom sprites to make it look less stiff:

[Image: michael-new.png]
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