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Full Version: Capcom Style Mugen Horror Game W.I.P. -- Pinhead / Hellraiser Sprite Sheet included
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What up Spriter's Resource? Been a fan of this site for a while and just wanted to say thanks for the sprites. Used a lot of the ones from here for sprite sheets that I've made for Mugen. I've had several people ask for this one, so I hope you like it. It is still incomplete, it's only about half done. But figured I would post what I have.

[Image: Pinhead-Sprite-Sheet.png]

And here's what I had for his moves. He is one of those characters that can get away with not having lots of sprites because he doesn't move a lot. Was thinking he could play sort of like Goenitz and Red Arremer from SvC Chaos:

"Hell Blade": Basically, Spiral's dancing swords, only they are a magnificent blue color. :-)

Frank/Julia: Same as Jill's zombies. Frank is the slow version, Julia the fast. If the zombies are hit, they fade away (for now)

Crawling Cenobite: Pinhead sends the crawling cenobite from Hellraiser 5 across the screen. It's a low attack.

"Teleport": Same as Spiral's except he teleports behind the opponent. The animation looks like Strider's teleport though. Couldnt decide which pose I liked better.

"Hell Chains": Pinhead raises his hands slightly (to about waist level), then, depending on the button pressed, the two chains, (one ascending from the floor and one descending from the ceiling) come out simultaneously and side by side. The strength of the button pressed determines how far infront of Pinhead they appear. This functions like Goenitz's vertical tornado move, idk what it was called.

"Bloodline" (Named after the 4th movie): Pinhead's defensive counter. He raises his hands slightly. If he is hit during this time, a chain, comes out from behind him and goes through the opponent.

"Hell Seeker" (Named after the 6th Hellraiser): Same as Scorpion's "Get over here!" He shoots a chain out of his lead hand that has a hook on it, and pulls them towards him. This sets up his "Hell on Earth" super.

"Hell Hook": Pinhead looks towards one of the four corners of the screen. As soon as he does, a chain with a hook descends diagonally from that corner, or rises diagonally. If it hits, the opponent is pulled towards the corner, and bounces off as soon as they hit. Similar to Hugo's move where he throws the opponent off the wall. Sets up combos, specials, supers, etc. If desired, this move could also be used to come from behind the opponent, even though it would be really cheap.

"Hell's Descent": A chain with a hook descends from the ceiling. If it connects, the opponent is lifted to the ceiling and bounced off of it.

Here's a visual, goes in the same order as the list above:

[Image: specials.png]

"Hellworld" (Named after the 7th movie): Pinhead sends the cenobites out at the opponent, similar to Stirder's "Legion" or Even that full screen super that BB Hood has. Frank and Julia walk out, the dog runs out (when finished), the giant tan colored cenobite dashes forward, the white cenobite crawls forward and chains fly out across the screen, and then retreat. The blue knives also fly at the opponent. In other words, the whole fuggin screen is filled.

"Welcome to Hell": Pinhead levitates upward diagonally, then pulls the box out, turns towards the screen and laughs while chains with hooks fly out in all directions. If it connects, they hook onto the opponent, then retreat. It is similar to Venom's "Venom Web" super, except Pinhead doesn't dash towards the opponent.

"Hell on Earth" (Named after the 3rd movie): This is basically Magneto's "Magnetic Temptest" but with the blue knives flying out in all directions. It may even be more similar to Doom's proton shot. The idea behind it is that Pinhead can pull the opponent towards him with a chain, then use this (similar to Magneto's Hyper grav --> Magnetic Temptest).

"Cenobite Attack" (Not Yet Finished): Pinhead rolls the box on the ground infront of him. A blue light then emerges. If it connects, the box opens. two cenobites come running from both sides of the screen, then another descends. Once they reach the opponent, they start stabbing them. Similar to Felicia's "Please  Help Me!"

And here are his basic attacks. From top to bottom: Light, middle and heavy punch, light, middle and heavy kick, and his "Welcome to Hell" super (see above):
[Image: pinhead-basics-and-super.png]

Note to mods: Accidentally posted twice. First time I tried posting this it gave me a "page not responding" message, this was the original.
This is awesome. When I clicked the topic I was 100% expecting a recolored Megaman 7 sprite.
Hello Silent J. 

Sorry to hear what happened on the guild. I was trying to send you a PM, but they do not allow me to send PMs there (no idea why). I wanted to tell you about Jason by Chuchoryu, and Freddy by Carnage777. Jason will be out within a week, and Carnage777 is busy drawing Freddy's sprites.

Great work so far on Pinhead, can't wait to see the complete sheet. I will try and pop by here to check up on the progress. 

Please feel free to stop by Mugen Multiverse to say hi sometime. I am the administrator over there. Our staff will treat you with the respect you deserve Wink

I will drop by as well with Michael Myers update for you (planning his release 1st update release for November 4th. I didn't get all the new stuff added for Halloween as I was busy on other projects. All the other new stuff you added will be added to the character, as well as a ton of code fixing before Christmas.

Cheers and happy to see you still at work on Pinhead Smile
Well thanks Ton, glad you liked it. Always thought it would be cool if they did make a NES Hellraiser game. I know there was rumors that one was in the works at one point.

And thanks a lot that.guy. I will stop by some time for sure.  You don't have to be sorry though, just thought it was kind of childish so I left.

That's cool to hear about Freddy and Jason. Any ideas for the moves? Not sure if you saw my last post there, but for those who didn't, was thinking maybe they could be like the Ryu and Ken characters... Jason being the default Player 1 character and Freddy being the default Player 2 character. And each would have 3 Shotokan type moves with Jason being the slower and stronger and Freddy being the faster but weaker.

Looking forward to seeing them and Michael. Hope you have a good Halloween if you celebrate it.


Also, I did a little bit of youtube browsing and saw that someone made: Ash, Slender Man, and Samara/Ella. And then of course Michael. So that's 4 that have been made, then there are sprite sheets for Pinhead and Eric Draven. So if Jason and Freddy get made, that would be an even 8 which would be enough to make a half decent mini game. It wouldn't be much, but it could be something to build on. I was thinking that roster wise it could either be like Virtua Fighter 1 with 8 playable characters and 1 hidden boss (Pinhead), or that it could be like Marvel Super Heroes with 8 playable characters and 2 hidden bosses. Just for starters. I was thinking of calling it something like:

Slash Fest: Night of Killers
The full game plan all sounds good. I'll help out here and there, where and when I can. 
You might get more people interested in helping make characters if you post a thread about the full game project.
There are already 4 people currently working on characters (Chuchoryu, Carnage777, you and me).
There are people around that do screenpacks, and stages. Hopefully we can grab some more attention to this great project. 

Jason (release in the next few days) vs Freddy (early wip)...
I'm not sure on the gameplay for either of them. Here is a preview:

[Image: freddy11.png]

[Image: Cv_S_Jason_by_chuchoryu.gif][Image: Cv_S_Jason_by_chuchoryu6.gif][Image: Cv_S_Jason_by_chuchoryu_W.gif][Image: Cv_S_Jason_by_chuchoryu3.gif]

and some progress on Michael Myers by silent J:
I added a crouch/air knife throw, and added most of the newer stuff made by you to him for Halloween Event Release.

Hmm ok, maybe I will make another topic soon. Michael looks okay, if I could make a couple of suggestions though: Maybe give him his special where he slashes forward. Wanted him to have a move similar to the one Yamazaki has. Also, the pose that he uses for his first win pose was never meant to be a win pose. That was just his turning sprite. Also, I re-did the stance in the latest version of the sprite sheet. The one in the video only has 3 frames and the light source was off. I was just starting out when I made that original sprite and was still pretty unsure how to do the light source. But the new stance actually has 5 frames and I fixed the shading. I also fixed some of the other sprites in the latest version of the sprite sheet that was posted. Also, why does he have a crouching knife throw? I was thinking of maybe re-doing the arm on the throw move.

Jason and Freddy look decent. If I could get the Jason sprite sheet, I would touch up the shoes. Also, Freddy only has a claw on one hand. Here was what I had for moves for Freddy and Jason.

- A move where he throws a hatchet (hadouken)
- A move where he dashes forward and either slashes or throws a shoulder (hurricane kick)
- A move where he does a rising uppercut with the machete (shoryuken)

- A move where he extends his arm across the screen to claw the opponent, based off of his NES moves (hadouken)
- A move like Sabertooth's berserker claw (hurricane kick)
- A move where he does a rising uppercut with the claw (shoryuken)
Yes this release for Halloween event won't have the slash or other stuff. 
I will re-do his moves completely for the Christmas release mostly based on your guide for how the moves should be.

He will go from 4 button to a 6 button for Christmas as well Big Grin

Those Freddy and Jason plans sound good. Jason will be released shortly so we will see what moveset Chuchryu has planned.
If need be, I am a coder so we can always change things up the way you wanted for your game.
Sounds good, just to show you what I mean for Michael Myers, here is a before and after. Accidentally put the after first. If you see below, the bottom 3 sprites are the old stance. The top 5 are the new one. The shading was changed. The sprites below have the same upper body, but have the new shading as well. Just wanted to let you know. Also, tried signing up for your site, but I cant get into my email for some reason, so might have to try it again.

[Image: michael-before-after.png]
Started on Chucky too. Thanks to for the roll sprites. Couldnt decide how I wanted to do the knife. This character should be really easy. Can probably get him done in a couple days once I get the time.

[Image: chucky.png]
Also, can I make a suggestion for re-coloring Jason?

[Image: jason-recolor.png]

Credit to Sean Alty for the Shirt and Pants colors.
I will check out the new stance of Michael for the Christmas release.

Chucky looks good so far Big Grin

Those are great colors for Jason too.

Yes sorry I can't turn off the email on the website signup. Hopefully you can sign up soon.
Sounds good. I adjusted the colors for Jason and tried to fix the hands. It is based off of Friday the 13th Part 3 (the one where first wore the hockey mask). He had the blue jeans and black shoes in that movie. Also, the shade of green is different in these sprites:

[Image: jason-recolor.png]
Jason's colors from Mortal Kombat 9, and touched up the Freddy Sprite:

[Image: freddy-and-jason-alt-color.png]
Hey sil3nt j Smile
remember me.. I'm the one who said on the mugen guild site I'd help you in the zombies.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I've also been annoyed at this site. Now I use more mugen multiverse .. so the staff is friendlier and gives more feedback. you should exprement friend.
Here`s the pinhead zombies Wink
[Image: pinhea10.png]
the colors already are done 
just need to sew the pants and put on the missing shoe hehe
and this i made just for fun and to give more motivation xD
[Image: horror10.png]
Well thanks Flavio, those zombie sprites are awesome. I just have to go back and add the shoes to Frank (the gray one) and remove the shoes from Julia (the white one). The plan for that move was to have a version that hits high and a version that hits low. Frank will be the one that hits high, Julia will hit low. Also, Julia will be the fast projectile and Frank will be slow. It should look similar to this:

[Image: zombies2.png]

Also, found some portraits of Jason and Freddy that Prime Op did on his scroll boss mugen boss site, here's the original link:

And I made some portraits for Slender man and Samara / Ella too. Slender man is pretty much done, I just have to touch up the Samara one. I put all the ones I had so far side by side:

[Image: horror-character-select.png]

Lol and I cant believe someone still has those old sprites. That inspired me to make this, the starting roster I wanted to have for this game:

[Image: slashfest-roster.png]

And lastly, I found this sweet video that someone made of Ash vs Samara. Just a preview of what the finished product could be:
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