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All of my stuff! (BotW 2D Included.)
Nice! Prinnies are great. Good work.
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(10-18-2018, 08:05 AM)Ton Wrote: Nice! Prinnies are great. Good work.

Thanks! My work week is starting back up, and I've missed some time due to an appendectomy so I'm not sure when I'll finish this, so I wanted to post a WIP of my current art.

[Image: yva9snH.png]

I do shrink down official art and trace the lineart, I hope that doesn't take too much from the effort I put into make it look like professional pixel-art. When I have more time I may start doing full customs, right now this is mostly for fun, and procrastinating my programming work.

It's in the OP now, but I also wanted to take this time to point out a sister-thread, for the actual use of these sprites I've been working on, which you can find here!
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