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Need More Metal slug sprites
I need some metal slug sprites but there are less sprite sheets, Especially Trevor and nadia and the full Marco Rossi and Fiolina Germi sprite sheet.

Here are the sprites to rip and what i need:
-Marco [Full sprites from all Metal slug games (Because, only his sprites are only from Metal slug 5)]
-Fiolina Germi [Because its just like Marco (Meaning sprites only from metal slug 5)]
-Di-Cokka (Ptolemaic)
-Unused items from metal slug 5 (Which im going to rip from metal slug: missing in action)
-"Winners don't use drugs" Screen (Which im also going to rip)
-Trevor and nadia from Metal slug 4
-Unused explosions (From Metal Slug M.I.A [Missing In Action])
-(Upgrade Only) Leona's Two Machine Gun
-And lastly, Some Metal Slug Attack Units Like Special Amundsen

P.S If you are RTB (Random Talking Bush), Gussprint, or Division The Japanese Soldier, please do it ok
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