The "Golden" Rules

While you should still familiarize yourself with all of the rules on this page, we understand that there is quite a bit to go through and, as such, have provided a quick reference of all of the Universal Rules you'll find below. Click on any of the links below to jump to the full detail for that rule.

1. Use Common Sense

2. Be Friendly

3. Respect the Staff Team

4. Stay Safe for Work

5. Don't be "Excessive"

6. Advertising and Requesting

7. Bumping, Necroposting, and Double-Posting

8. Image Sizes

9. The Reporting System

10. Bandodging

Universal Rules

The following are universal rules for the entire site and are applicable in all sections. Rules specific to individual sections will be listed below as well as linked to from their respective sections. By posting or submitting anything to this site, you are acknowledging these rules and guidelines and agreeing to follow them.

1. Use Common Sense

No pointless or stupid comments. Do your best to type in complete sentences and with correct spelling and grammar, don't spam or advertise, etc. Yes, this includes another person's topic and/or rep points.

2. Be Friendly

Don't just randomly flame other members and be mean for no real reason. Randomly accusing members of sprite theft and the like without evidence or a VERY good reason to do so is against the rules.

3. Respect the Staff Team

This doesn't mean that you can't disagree with us or criticize us for our work, but don't think that just because we aren't regular members that we don't have bad days occasionally, just like everyone else.

4. Stay Safe for Work

Don't post any porn or illegal material. This includes linking to ROMs and the sites that host them. Discussion about ROMs and emulators is fine in reference to how to use them to rip the resources we archive on these sites but any links to or instructions for obtaining ROMs is strictly forbidden.

5. Don't be "Excessive"

The items outlined below are by no means forbidden but excessive use of them is discouraged and will often border on (if not cross right into) spam territory.

6. Advertising and Requesting

Nobody will respect you if you join the community just to request something and then disappear forever. In a similar light, joining just to advertise your work and then immediately disappearing forever won't get you anywhere either. Keep this in mind while reading the below rules.

7. Bumping, Necroposting, and Double-Posting

In general, bumping, necroposting, and double-posting should be avoided. There are exceptions to these rules, some of which will be outlined below, but for the most part, these actions should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

8. Image Sizes

Being a video-game related board, it's natural that images will often be posted. By nature, some of these will be very large. The forum software does a good job of resizing over-sized images to prevent them from stretching the layout but care should still be taken to avoid directly embedding anything too huge (a link to the file can be used directly in these cases).

9. The Reporting System

The reporting system is there to report content that is offensive, breaking the rules, or just plain wrong. Don't report something along the lines of "he locked my topic" when you know good and well there was a good reason for a lock. The mods have to take time to check the reports and want to spend that time making the forum a better place rather than seeing needless reports.

10. Bandodging

If you attempt to make an alternate account in order to get around a ban (also called bandodging) you will be re-banned (on both accounts) and additional time will be added to your original ban. If you were permanently banned, well, you're still permanently banned. If you continue to bandodge, you WILL be IP banned. Because of this, coming here through a proxy isn't the best idea. Though proxy use isn't disallowed, we do have a couple of banned members who have tried to get past an IP ban using proxies, so the proxy that you're using will probably end up becoming banned. You'll either have to find a new proxy or just come here through your normal IP address.

Section-Specific Rules

To keep things tidy and in one place, other sections' rules will also be posted here. Dividing the rules across several sections proved difficult to newcomers, so while this might make things a little long, all the rules can be checked in one place.

Custom Sprites / Pixel Art

1. Board Purpose

This forum is mainly to help people to improve and develop as spriters / pixel artists. Furthermore, it serves as a form of quality control for those who intend to submit custom sprites to the tSR website. Here, you can show your pixel works in order to get comments and criticism. Feel free to help others with advice and your opinion.

2. Be Friendly and Polite

While you're encouraged to share your opinion, don't get upset when someone decides not to follow your criticism. Likewise, you shouldn't get upset when you disagree with the comments and criticism you receive. Keep aggressions at a minimum. The general guideline applies: If you feel offended, make use of the report system to contact staff instead of picking a fight. Moreover, if you have nothing of value to add, rather leave a topic alone instead of making insulting remarks.

3. Offer Your Advice and Criticism in a Proper Way

Aside from being polite, it's also important to be understandable. Keep in mind not everyone is familiar with all the pixel art specific terms. While we do have a Spriting Dictionary topic, it's never wrong to explain your points in more detail, especially when helping newcomers and beginners. Try to keep your advice simple and clear.

4. About Custom Sprites & Credits

The boards are mainly meant for custom sprites. You also are allowed to post sprite edits and recolors. However, don't be surprised when you don't receive the comments you expect. Most people prefer to offer their help on custom work so chances are the only answer you will get is that (and in the best case, why) you should make custom sprites instead. Again, stay friendly and calm when explaining why splices, recolors and edits are discouraged. If someone insists on making them, let them. Sprite showcase threads are also allowed, however if you appear to block all criticism, you may end up not getting any replies. Note that criticism doesn't necessarily need to be applied to the current piece, but can also be applied to future work only.

5. Images & Attachments

In order to show your sprites, you can either attach them directly to the post or upload them to an image hosting site (like Imgur, Minus, or a personal Dropbox account). When uploading to a third party host, use the direct image URL with the forum's image tags (e.g. [img][/img]). For very large images, text links to the file should be provided instead.

6. Sprite Discussion Threads

To prevent drowning out other people's threads and to reduce the general topic chaos, users are encouraged to use general sprite threads for their creations instead of creating a new thread for every single sprite they make. Note that this doesn't mean you should use someone else's sprite thread to discuss your sprites, which on the contrary is prohibited unless it is an open project or event. If your last sprite thread is rather old, feel free to make a new one instead of bumping it if you prefer that. However if it is quite fresh, please re-use it instead of opening another one!

Game Development

1. Post Enough Content

We won't accept a thread that barely describes your game, and especially not if there's no game or content at all. If you're making a game, be sure to include actual evidence of the game being worked on. In other words, make the game available for others to play, show screenshots, talk about the gameplay/programming, etc. If you're working on a game idea, tell us how the game will play, show some concept art of characters and/or places. If you're making a program or application, tell us what it does, the requirements to run it, etc. Include something in your thread to let us know what it is that you're posting. Don't forget to say what programming language/game-making program you're using for the project.

2. Everything Posted Here is Prone to Criticism

People will give C+C on your work, so don't go nuts if you don't get the sugarcoating you wanted. Consider this a way to promote your game; we're giving you advice on how to improve here and make your game the best it can be.

3. Requests are Strictly Prohibited

We don't have a game requests section because the amount of effort required to fill a game request would likely result in the section going unused. If you plan on making a thread in which you're the "idea guy" and just want us to "make sprites for your game", forget it. Either post it in the requests section like everyone else, or don't post at all.

4. How to Upload Files

Use dedicated external file hosting sites such as Mega.

5. What is Allowed in the Game Dev Section?

Other Creativity Boards

1. Tag What Kind of Topic You're Posting

Please label your topic with what it is using a tag at the beginning of the title (e.g. [ART], [MUSIC], [WRITING], etc.).

2. Basis of Artistic Nudity

Artistic nudity is allowed, but please mention if there is nudity involved in the art. If you do not label it as having adult themes, there will be SERIOUS consequences. And there is a difference between artistic nudity, and just nudity. Don't post hentai and porn.


1. Request Requirements

People joining purely to make a request are not appreciated. Be sure to check our Resource websites (tSR, tMR, tTR, tSoR), use the Forum Search and Google (or whatever you prefer) before making a request.

2. Be Clear and Understandable

When posting a request, make clear what you want. Be precise and to the point, give all necessary information (game, system, style, character...). If people have to research what exactly you want, they may be less inclined to help.

3. No One is Required to Fulfill Your Request

Fulfilling someones request is doing them a favor. You cannot expect anyone to do what you want and you cannot demand anything. Note that smaller requests are more likely to be fulfilled than large and complicated ones. Furthermore, you're free to offer incentives like money to raise interest. If no one fulfills your request, chances are no one wants to or no one knows how to do it. We're people, not slave machines. Wait at least one or two weeks before bumping a topic and accept it when a request won't be fulfilled. Consider learning how to do it yourself. In general, stay friendly and respectful. No one likes to do a favor for someone they don't like.


Commissions follow the same set of rules as Requests except for the following change to rule #1:

1. Request Requirements

Remember that if you request here, you MUST make it clear that you are offering monetary compensation in return.


If you've read over this page and are ready to join the community, you can return to The VG Resource and jump right in! If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the forum or PM a member of the staff.