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RatherNoiceSprites' Custom/Edited Sprites
Very well made, might wanna shrink the head a little on Tiara and Ray but other than that they look great!
[Image: 1OfAL6i.gif]

[Image: RkRdv7B.gif]
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[Image: STCSuperPreview1.png]
Almost all of these were edited from Super Sonic's Sonic 3 sprites and some of them were based off the sprites on my old STC Super Sonic sheet. 

A comparison of my 2017 sprites and my current sprites:
[Image: gocompare.png]
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Very cool! Also for some weird reason I prefer the old Turbo sprite over the new one, I don't know what it is though.
"Hope she made us lots of spaghetti!"
(01-06-2020, 08:45 AM)RatherNoiceSprites Wrote: [Image: ComingSoonWIP2.png]
Here are all of the Sonic sprites I have planned for 2020 so far.
This isn't the order I will make them in.

I've decided to remake some of the sprites I made in 2017 (Chaz, Turbo and Super Sonic) to meet the standards of my current sprites.
Sonia was made in late 2018 (some time after Manic) and I will probably have to make a few changes to her at some point.

Excellent work! I can really see the improvement from your previous attempts at these characters. My only critique is with Sonia. She looks like her head is a bit too far forward, try moving it back a pixel or 2.
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