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Full Version: RatherNoiceSprites' Custom/Edited Sprites
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Here are some of my Custom/Edited sprites.
I've made some more Luigi sprites and I've also included a sprite of Mario getting hurt because it wasn't included on his sheet.

[Image: ldsOZI.png]
[Image: x9WWlV.gif][Image: FRGtgw.gif]
I've made another animation on luigi's sheet and slightly changed the colours of my Super Sonic sprites.
[Image: hTjpFU.png]
[Image: mARcva.png]
I've made another luigi animation and changed the spikes on my Turbo sprites.

[Image: w12QDz.png]
[Image: GgFzov.png]
I've done all of Luigi's animations:

[Image: fM9Z5F.png]
Luigi is finished:
[Image: AAtO63.png]
[Image: 3YkWna.png]
I've made Turbo's standing, waiting and walking animations.
I've made some more SPA Style Turbo sprites:

[Image: ujoQV2.png]
My SPA Style Turbo Sprite Sheet is finished.
[Image: W1Deei.png]
[Image: QRzGUw.png]
I have decided to make a new Mario sprite in a different style.
[Image: aGrgbX.gif][Image: H0wAln.gif]
The colour palettes for Mario & Luigi were based off these images:
[Image: LjPrVA.jpg]
[Image: GfxBOA.png]

Luigi will not be getting his own sheet because he's just a recolour of Mario. But I might make another Luigi based off the artwork for Super Mario Bros. 2.

UPDATE: Walking animation is done.
[Image: IjI7aG.png]
I've also made an SMB3 Style Waluigi:
[Image: pPecpM.png]
I have decided to improve an old sheet I made back in early 2017.

Here's the original:
[Image: G5TTWv.png]

Here's the new version:
[Image: Du413E.png]
It definetly looks a lot better than the original, good job!
It's been a while but I've finally made a new sprite:
[Image: WNkRjV.png]
The forgotten Mario character, Stanley the Bugman is now in SMB3 style!
Includes a 16-bit version and a version that only uses 3 colours.
I've made an update to my SMB3 Style Waluigi sprite sheet. Now Waluigi can use powerups!

[Image: waluigipowerups.png]
I think Stanley needs more definition between the nose and the rest of his face. He looks kind of blobby.
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