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The Observer's Comprehensive Ripping Project Thread [Sonic]
(Yesterday, 02:01 PM)Ton Wrote: Consider my fancy fondled.

[Image: Burns-Excellent-Sticker.jpg]

I decided to practice a little bit and the results were quite fruitful, for a game so detached from the Overlay implementations. When I get the collection for that Special Stage finished, the sheet shall come like that. Also began doing the same thing for Labyrinth Zone.

[Image: Special-Stage-7-Background-Copy.png]

And dang, I have no idea why I've kept these hidden away until now. Maybe because I wanted both sets of the palettes before a show and tell, who knows. I last touched these in September and just never got around to working on the Open Air palette versions. Here's the underwater maps for the 510 version of Tidal Tempest Past Zones 1 and 2!

[Image: SCD-510-P-TT-A1-PAST-FG-WET.png] [Image: SCD-510-P-TT-A2-PAST-FG-WET.png]
[Image: Beach.png]
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I never noticed how neat those parallax graphics are.
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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