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Sorcia - A host of new screens in latest post!
Okay! I'm back at work on this full-time. I've put my modding and ripping projects aside to focus expressly on this game.

So here's what's going on since the last time I updated this!

-I've re-rigged Sorcia's entire model from scratch to a better, more precise boneset, including some Helpers, to facilitate animation and posing. Including a much better face rig for expression making and much better finger bone lining. I've even edited some of the finger topology to make it easier to rig and even rounded them up more instead of them looking like lifeless sticks of wood.
-Higher-res textures on some of her objects, especially for her normal maps. Except for stuff like eyes and teeth that are barely noticeable anyway except in closeups.
-I've ALMOST perfected the 3rd person control scheme I was aiming for: Based a bit on SM64 and fellow indie fame "A Hat In Time" (end-shameless-advertising lmao) There are still a few bugs, like endless rotation when releasing the CStick when rotating during movement, and not being able to face directions other than up when moving, and the camera rotating on a slant the further I get from the origin.
-I have coded a fairly-decent hair shader for more realism and making it more believable. It works, too! Except I added normal mapping to it on my own to make it mine. (I learned it from a preview of a Unity ebook on shaders lmao). I will be trying to perfect that as well, but I think it's simply a matter of making the perfect Albedo and Normal textures.
-I've learned a bit more about lighting and ambient colour and applied it.
-The Physics component (aka "Rigidbody") has been calibrated to make her fall at believable speeds when in midair.
-Idle and slow walking animations completely remade. I've setup most of her animation filenames. So far I have about 85 animation clips setup for all for different actions in the game. All I gotta do is make the keyframes lol.
-New game prop and character designs on paper including Sorcia's father (a minor NPC) and some room props. I've even modelled her bedroom (the starting point of the playavble part of the game.

Okay! Enough yakkity-yakking~! Screenshot time!

-Sun, fog and ambient lighting test.
[Image: Ph5FEOE.png]

-Ambient lighting on the test map.
[Image: zh41TSs.png]

-Hair shader in action. As I said, It's a matter of perfecting the texture Smile
[Image: OT1s4Xe.png]
[Image: EIlaYOh.png]

I wish I had more, but not much else has been changed as far as visual stuff to show. XD
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The hair shader is awesome ! Very good !
But some other shaders have to be reworked, especially for the grass. I have some shaders if you want.
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Actually, I was thinking I couild use the same one on grass since it does work. Smile Thanks though! I appreciate the comment! Becaus you're totally right. Even I hate my grass... But there isn't much that's final yet XD
Yo. Retired Brawl modder, at your service. Cool Loves ripping sh*t
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