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Full Version: Sorcia - A host of new screens in latest post!
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Hi everyone.

Since I decided to cancel Super Smash Bros. Feud for copyright law reasons, I figured I'd give my own main indie game its own thread.

I have others planned as well, however this is the "head honcho" of all the indie games I'm planning. I want this game to be to me what Shantae is to WayForward, for example.

I want to introduce you to SORCIA. Powered by Unity 5.



Very early beta screenshots:

Warning used to tell players that a XInput controller is needed.
[Image: Hnkow6e.png]

Unfinished title screen with main title menu: still needs trees (not yet modelled or textured):

Quit confirmation dialog:

New Game file selection:

Walking within test map:
[Image: AjGK27O.png]

First image of WIP main game menu:
[Image: zYgaHfG.png]


Sorcia is my first commercial, serious project. I'm cracking my knuckles and getting down and dirty, experimenting with new stuff and trying to make this not just good, but excellent. In this game, quality comes absolute first. I have lots of ideas for features and the like, but for now I'm focusing on basic playability using my sandbox map, and frills, bells and whistles, and presentation will come later. It is being made in 3D mode in Unity Personal. Once I've gotten a bit of money aside and am able to afford it, I may buy a Pro license. Unless I by some miracle reach the 100K a year cap, which I'm by no means expecting, in which case I'll have no choice.

I'm doing the entire game myself: I'm scoring the soundtrack, writing the source code, coming up with foley and sound effects, animations, 3D and 2D/UI art, etc. You name it. I may sound absolutely insane, but I insist. I want to get comfortable with all aspects. It's going to be long, and a lot of work, but I currently don't have the budget to hire people. And my goal is to be a solo indie "team". All I do need, however, is a voice actress for my protagonist and main villain.

There were only two aspects I borrowed code for, after asking and getting permission: code to handle button input (XInputDotNetPure.dll), and one for creating seamless music loops. I have some basic gameplay roughly scripted (I'm constantly tweaking it to try and improve it) such as movement and camera control, some menu functionality, one song and another nearly complete WIP, and a few sound effects.

Sorcia will be a 3D action/adventure game with elements of platforming and exploration. I'm aiming to make the controls as fluent and responsive as humanly possible. This is why I chose XInput instead of keyboard. It allows more flexible stuff.

Items, unlike Zelda games for example, will be optional and more of a sort of side-quest for unlocking bonuses and the like. There will be weapons, but it's more like using the environment to defend yourself: sticks/stones, etc. Only a few items, like maybe a handful, may be needed to progress. But Sorcia will by no means be an item-heavy game. Nothing is final as of now. All I'm doing currently is art and programming. Story and the main final game world are not yet created nor final.

Progress on this will be on and off. I also want to sing pro as well, so I switch between the two at a whim.

One XInput-compatible controller (ie Xbox 360 controller for Windows or Logitech F710/F310 gamepad, etc)

Follow this game on social media.

Only a Twitter for now, Facebook and official site are WIP and currently only viewable to me.

Twitter: @Sorcia_Indie

I'm open to any ideas and improvements anyone has. Wink I will update this when more updates are available!

I hope you like what you see! Smile
For perfection : I think the background of the logo have to be more smoothed, some edges are visibles (maybe try Bezier curves) ; and the text menu in the main title aren't well centered ; the rock material isn't very good, try changing the texture wrapping, are you using PBS ? ; and add more lighting in the 3D layer of the main menu, mybe try baking AO and indirect illumination.
Other advice, add image effects (color correction...) to your game.
But don't think that I don't like your work, it's a good start.
The logo background needs to be redone anyhow, after looking at it. The rock too. I screwed up when uing the symmetry modifier on it in Max. Looks atrocious, in a way, no material could look good. Very Sad

I'm not using PBS. Just a normal map and custom skybox. The lighting is supposed to emulate night.

Thanks so much for the critiques! I'll try to apply all that. ^^
Please don't use the file attachment system when showing pictures because it means I have to click on each attachment to see it well. It's much more convenient for readers if you uploaded the pics to imgur or something, then show it in the post using the <img>imageLink</img> (replace "<" and ">" with "[" and "]")
Okay! Trying this for a third time!

I have a handful of new screenshots.

I dramatically changed the title screen background. It's still not final, but we have the following:
[Image: TdXE6u3.png]

-New ambient lighting and skybox. Environment is now Sunset, like my character enjoys.
-New grass material for the ground.
-Sun now visible.
-WIP trees for scenery.
-New pose on Sorcia herself, and camera is closer to her.
-Options menu is now accessible and all entry points to submenus fixed.

To do:
-Add grass detail on terrain
-Add leaves on trees.
-Replace Stars material for clouds.
-Animate Sorcia's pose to make her more dynamic.
-Finish Options menu.
-Add ability to Continue beyond it just being selectable.
-Add a Sound Test feature to Options menu and decide if it will be unlockable or available from the get go.

New features:
-Options Menu (WIP) (Just below)
[Image: geJKfW0.png]

-Fade In / Out feature added and finished.
-Revamping movement system for Ground.
-A more interesting, daytime Test map with terrain effects.
[Image: nF6gHD2.png]

-Continue Option can be opened, but does not load yet. Can dynicamically turn on or off in case user deletes savefile outside of the game at runtime.
[Image: JYYHOqR.png]

-Finally, my solo indie "company" has a name and logo, which I added to the splash screen.
[Image: yqWMrct.png]

Let me know!
The title screen infinite view is a little confusing, maybe add some mountains ?
But honestly, the splash screen isn't professional at all, your company text font is good, but all the gradients...
Try to make one totally in 3D, maybe rocks materials ans lava particle systems and blur/glow, and I think you have to remove "Solo Independent Developer", just leave "Independent Developer".
It's really a good progress !
Basically what iyenal said. No offence but the logo should be much more professional if you want people to take you seriously, if you need to you can comission an artist to do one for you. And yeah, there's no need to point out that you're solo, at least not on the splash screen.

It does look like it's coming along though, very nice!
Yeah. The title screen is not finished at all. I will definitely consider the mountains. Thanks! Looks like rock textures are in order for my terrain.

And the logo will be redesigned then. Not a problem. Now that I take another look at it, it does suck. The idea was to make it cartoony. But it looks like that effect won't do it.

Okay, back to work then!

EDIT: How's this the background? I may brighten up the lights because it looks kinda dark. Mountains will eventually be textured.

[Image: yOuz2ms.png]
Yes, lighting must be changed. Add some ambient lighting, otherwise it's very difficult to do realistic night.
Okay, so it's been a while since I updated this!

I'm revamping Sorcia herself: her model. I've remade the hair mesh, and added a shirt and upper body mesh, the latter 2 to be used with Visibility along with the coat. The face also has a new UV map to go along with the upper body model since it's extruded from the neck. The fingers were heavily edited too.

But the most drastic change is the rig. I've updated the bone set, adding ones to make animating much easier such as joint helpers and more, and will make a far better and more detailed Skin. Finally, her textures will be the final ones.

I have also slowly but surely begun to model my villain.
i can tell you're workin super hard on this! 3d must be a huge challenge to work with. but i definitely support your project! best of luck~
Thank you Jazz, that means so much. And yes, you're right. Between this and my DBZ fangame I'm keeping myself hella occupied!
So show us some screens ! And for lighting, you succeed to do a one that looks "good" ?
The skin is not finished, but I've done the pants and boots so far. It's slow because I want it to be GOOD.

And lighting is tough, I've just figured out. It's hard af to get a good setup.
I certainly don't want to put the pressure on you.
(03-16-2017, 01:06 PM)Rodo Furedorikku Wrote: [ -> ]And lighting is tough, I've just figured out. It's hard af to get a good setup.
Night lighting is a challenge, especially in realtime. You have to cheat to have accurate results. (global illumination, area lights, colors, spots on some objects...) But I admit that I bake many things.
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