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Valo's gonna draw sometimes.
(12-12-2016, 08:35 AM)Gors Wrote: this run pose is unnatural because looks like the torso is way too twisted considering the legs

Fair point, I'll edit it when i get the chance.

This next one came about from wanted to put a different spin on a friends idea. 

[Image: 6YUO9Wi.png] 

Puddle woman WIP

[Image: YlusvIm.png]

Potential color palettes.
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darker palette is better on my eyes

however the underside of the umbrella looks awkward, it gives the illusion that the fabric is thick.
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[Image: deT1vCJ.png]
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The darker version resembles Oil Man. Tongue

I'd make it a bit lighter, but not as bright as the first one.
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[Image: rain_by_neoman95-daruwgd.png]

I went somewhere in between.
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[Image: NIz6wLv.png]

wip. the sprite has since been updated to match the arts less awkward hat holding.
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[Image: circus_by_neoman95-dasl8ke.png]

This is Circus Woman, a design i helped refine for Rhythm/Pharos04 for a potential upcoming arc in his Bass Comic Adventures.

"Circus Woman is programmed as an amazing ringleader. Due to her uncanny charisma though, audiences were drawn to her more than the shows she was supposed to direct attention to. As such, the circus troupe she belongs to only uses her for the smaller lion tamer act where she uses her Tamer Whip to summon and control the circus' collection of rare and exotic Sumatrans"

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