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Television Show/Cartoon/etc. Thread
(01-15-2019, 03:25 AM)Reitanna Wrote: just finished A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. if you're like me and you read the books, you'll LOVE it, but even if you didn't read the books, you'll probably love it anyway! we're also watching Channel Zero, creepypasta fans might wanna check that one out.

I didn't read the books and I love this series.

I also just started Cowboy Bebop for the first time. I don't really watch anime, outside of Miyazaki or Akira. This is the first series I've tried to watch since Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon in middle school.
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(01-17-2019, 09:24 AM)Ton Wrote: I also just started Cowboy Bebop for the first time. I don't really watch anime, outside of Miyazaki or Akira. This is the first series I've tried to watch since Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon in middle school.

There's more to appreciate about Cowboy Bebop as an adult than a teenager when you look at it from a certain point of view.

When I first saw it I just thought it was some cool story that involved bounty hunters in space, that opinion changed heavily over time.

Recently, I got into High Score Girl and Forest of Piano on Netflix. I actually really appreciate what both animes are doing, one being a romantic comedy with 90's games and the latter being about a kid on pursuit of becoming a professional pianist after getting nudged by his music teacher to do so.
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I mean, if anyone hasn't seen the Dragon Ball movie yet, get out there and see it, its amazing, the atmosphere was fantastic and i enjoyed every second.
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I perused around Netflix kid's shows and found several jewels. I began viewing Wakfu and me likewise ( saw the Last Unicorn in their postings.
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i started watching tokyo ghoul with my little sister over the weekend and so far i find it quite interesting. It's crazy how kids become such a huge fan of the franchise and even ask for their merchandise. I mean i had to get her a chibi of kaneki to shut her up [Image: wink.png]. But I think tokyo ghoul is definitely worth watching . Recommended to all age groups
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Kirby Right Back At Ya is fantastic. In my opinion its the best other media adaption of any video game. This is probably because it was worked on by Sakurai himself! Even with all the flack it gets the 4Kids version is really good. Even though it censors the original I think it works out for the better. Kirby doesn't need adult stuff, so it works out fine. Plus the VAs are fantastic. Ted Lewis's Dedede is perfect, Eric Stuart's Meta Knight is pretty great too! Even the show only characters like Escargoon and Tokkori are great! Speaking of Tokkori his 4Kids VA recently did an AMA on the Kirby Reddit it's a pretty interesting read:! The only thing that the original version has over the Dub the music, speak of which:
Not usually do I say that the soundtrack for a TV show is a must hear.
Kirby Right Back At Ya is an exception. Not only does it use some Air Ride tracks for Dedede (Item Bounce and What's In The Box). It's original tracks are just as good (while I can't confirm this they sound like they are composed by the same team).
The best tracks being:
Whispy Woods:

Dedede's theme in the 4Kids version is also pretty good. However 4Kids never released an official OST. Its not that much of a loss though besides the opening its really the only good song from the 4Kids version Tongue .
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(02-01-2019, 07:30 PM)Retro64 Wrote: Kirby Right Back At Ya is fantastic.

I agree, I miss the days I used to watch them on my Wii Sad
I really appreciated it.
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One of my favourite shows of all time has to be Spartacus. I remember it being heavily advertised when it aired on tv, but I only watched it recently enough on Netflix. I thought it'd be alright, but I was totally surprised with how good it was.
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