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Television Show/Cartoon/etc. Thread
Where the heck did the old one go? People watch TV, right? Well anyway, needed a place to fangirl about something...




(but yea post about non-movie programs you watch and converse about 'em here!)
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I'm about 30 minutes off from it at this very moment

Can't wait!
Sadly, I have fallen quite horribly behind on the entire series.
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(05-12-2016, 07:56 PM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: People watch TV, right?

what's a tv lol it's all internet now

I'm watching Doctor Who from the start since I haven't yet (reboot, not the very start), fairly slowly but I'm up to Season 2. Also watching Bob's Burgers and Parks and Recreation with my siblings. Should probably get round to watching Season 2 of Daredevil when we get the time.
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The old one is right here why did it get buried who did this: I demand answers.

Recently finished up the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and overall I'd put it above the first just because of how much they develop each of the characters. The humor has also really grown on me. It'll probably be another year until the next season, so I guess it's time to find something else. Maybe catch up on the newest Doctor Who episodes.

jk it'll probably be some dumb anime
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(05-12-2016, 07:56 PM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: THE NEW STEVEN UNIVERSES OH MY GOOOOOOOOODDDD

Yep. That Steven Kid is pretty great. When the world ask for violence, he finds a peaceful solution.
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Now to just endure a few more weeks of waiting...
*body starts to crack*

My family and I also are enjoying NCIS and Big Bang Theory
That's only a few shows, though, really.

I am finding I'm back to watching tv fairly often, and there's simply too many shows for me to list.
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I'm kinda craving My Life as a Teenage Robot for some reason. It was just one of those cartoons I watched when nothing else was on, but now I'm really starting to appreciate it on its own.
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Yeah, I've seen a few episodes

As I recall, there wasn't anything particularly wrong with it.

Speaking of robots, although I've not seen this show in a while, I enjoyed Robot Boy when it was on.

(And lovely, I need to go to sleep, and my brain is flashing through tv shows I watched or liked, or even still do...)

IDK what everyone else thinks of it, but I liked Sym-Bionic Titan while it was on.

Now, I shall try to shut myself down for the night, I am expected to be awake early in the morning...
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Oh, so we're having one of these threads?

Only two things that I'm anticipating for is Rick and Morty Season 3 and the Samurai Jack reboot.
Other than that, most of the time the cartoons I usually watched and enjoyed over the past couple of years were Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and I've recently been getting a bit more interested in shows like Archer and Superjail! (to which, I actually fail to understand how that got canned in favor of Mr. Pickles)

Most of the other cartoons I've seen are either old and nostalgia worthy or just things that I look at whenever I'm bored.
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So the new Powerpuff Girls has disappointed, or should i say, pissed off pretty much everyone. Like jumping a shark more than once kind of bad.
From what I've seen, it has a lot of animation mistakes that are just as bad as the 1987 TMNT series, complete with wrong voice errors.
And if you ask me, it was doomed already from when it was revealed they replaced the original voice actresses who, were very pissed over it.

There's not a lot of action, and the fighting suffers from being toned down, including white flashes on the screen. Yeah, that's pretty lame.
Now it relies too much on slice-of-life (Like we really need to know what they do besides saving Townsville) and random humor, the bad kind.
Another problem is the fact they have being using memes for cheap humor, ala Family guy. One with Bubbles actually turning into a rage face, the wrong one at that, while saying "NO ME GUSTA!" They even twerked in one scene too. Yeah, underage characters twerking.
People are even irked by the art style because it's not the retro thick outline look that gave the original charm. It now features that bland art style we've been seeing lately as the background characters look like they belong in another cartoon.

One episode stirred plenty of controversy because it used a very poorly done moral about transgender issues involving a pony wanting to be a unicorn. I have a cousin who's both autistic and transgender (formally a girl, now a boy) and I know he would react negatively over this episode.
There's a lot of jokes that really flew passed the censors' heads. They freaking use the unicorn's horn as a metaphor for a penis!

The last straw came when we learned Ms. Bellum was removed for stupid reasons. Some reckon the writers think she's too sexy for the show.
I know they won't bring back HIM for the sole reason he looked and acted like a camp gay character and was a stand-in for Satan.
Now before anyone mentions the gay kiss scene from Clarence. That was just an innocent joke that took balls to even appear on a kid's show.
Same with the Legend of Korra finale. Let me just say the creators saying she's a lesbian with Asami feels way too forced and too much like it's pandering to yuri fanfic writers and artists. And I know Nickelodeon won't allow it to be real as it's still taboo to feature homosexuality on shows intended for kids because they would be too young to understand what homosexuality is, including the target audience for Korra.

All of this probably wouldn't have happen if Craig McCracken came back, but he confirmed on Twitter he's still on contract with Disney.
So this is pretty much what his situation at Disney is right now:
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And even worse is that there's going to be a crossover with Teen Titans Go. Which is already hated by everyone.

I'll just stick with Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. That's a new low for Cartoon Network.
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I was going to raise the question about the PPG reboot and Teen Titans Go

Cheap humor is the only value, those shows will NEVER compare to the originals.

CN will continue to reach a "new low" , I'm sure. tv progressively gets worse and worse. Animal Planet and History channel even have stooped so low as to break their focus a bit. Back to CN's crap factor, though, THE VIEWER VIDEOS... I can't stand them...

Although, a channel I can safely recommend is Travel Channel. Try catching Mysteries at the Museum and Monumental Mysteries. (well, if documentary kinds of stuff doesn't bore you)
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I don't think Go is that bad... AND BEFORE YOU BURN ME AT THE STAKE FOR HERESY! I never took the original seriously.

I will refuse to believe that there is a new PPG though... It's just nonexistent... It's all in your mind... PURGE IT!
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Also Love Stuff

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And yeah, I like it for humor, but it still annoys me what's become of an otherwise good show.

I never really watched too much of the original PPG, but I had no hopes when hearing they've made this new one. Sadly, since standards have dropped, I'm sure this show will thrive... >.>
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I really want to watch Steven Universe from A-to-Z but like... Cartoon Network won't put out a season boxset, man...
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I browsed around Netflix cartoons and found a couple gems. I started watching Wakfu and I also noticed the Last Unicorn in their listings.
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