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Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS/(Ultra) Sun/Moon Model Ripping Project
Does anyone know where NPC models are for (Ultra) SuMo? I forgot.
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I'm not sure where to put it.

But is it possible to rip the 3DS themes based on the villainous teams (Rocket, Galactic, Skull and the recent Plasma ones)?

They're a piece of good art, it'd be valuable to have them.
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Is it possible for you to rip more models for map object structures? For example : gyms, regular / common houses etc. and if you can My last suggestion would be if you can rip more maps, especially the inside of the poke center models. ( I haven’t actually seen the inside of the poke center models so they might have an inside already or they might not. ) any way I really enjoy what your doing with this project so far and I can’t wait to see the final result! Big Grin
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hey all, i unpack pokemon generations... recovery all files (with some little erros in script.. someone want it? Embarassed)
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(09-14-2014, 04:15 AM)Random Talking Bush Wrote: As some of you might've seen already, I've got the know-how to get the models from any of Pokémon X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire/(Ultra) Sun/Moon games with their original bone structures and rigging. I'll be using this topic as a hub for any Pokémon model requests for me to rip and upload, and only up to 3 requests per person at a time -- once I get those done, you're welcome to ask for some more. Just keep in mind I'll be working on these during my spare time, so don't expect 'em right away.

What you'll need:
X/Y/OR/AS/(Ultra) Sun/Moon models (UPDATED 11/19/17)
Ohana3DS Rebirth (UPDATED 12/06/16)
Ohana3DS Rebirth Hacky Workaround (by waielal, loads broken files)

Currently uploaded:
Pokémon X / Y
Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire
Pokémon Sun / Moon

Working on:
#097 Hypno
#098 Krabby
#124 Jynx
#210 Granbull
#308 Medicham / Mega Medicham
#393 Piplup
#405 Luxray
#441 Chatot
#462 Magnezone
#480 Uxie
#481 Mesprit
#482 Azelf
#582 Vanillite
#588 Karrablast
#591 Amoonguss
#718 Zygarde (10% and Complete)

Current requests:
#092 Gastly
#093 Haunter
#096 Drowzee
#101 Electrode
#106 Hitmonlee
#125 Electabuzz
#126 Magmar
#161 Sentret
#165 Ledyba
#198 Murkrow
#208 Steelix / Mega Steelix
#209 Snubbull
#272 Ludicolo
#286 Breloom
#294 Loudred
#297 Hariyama
#300 Skitty
#302 Sableye
#309 Electrike
#327 Spinda
#330 Flygon
#334 Altaria
#368 Gorebyss
#389 Torterra
#391 Monferno
#392 Infernape
#395 Empoleon
#398 Staraptor
#430 Honchkrow
#454 Toxicroak
#472 Gliscor
#489 Phione
#501 Oshawott
#502 Dewott
#530 Excadrill
#545 Scolipede
#563 Cofagrigus
#567 Archeops
#580 Ducklett
#595 Joltik
Calem (Parts)
Serena (Parts)

请问208 mega steelix这个模型是否已经导出成功了。Please tell me whether the model of 208 mega steelix has been exported successfully.
如果已经导出成功了请告诉我下载地址.If successful, please tell me the download address.
我找这个模型很久了这个模型对我真的非常的重要.I've been looking for this model for a long time and this model is really important to me.
您之前的模型我也下载了很多导出的非常好。I've also downloaded a lot of the exports from your previous model.
让我了解到您真的非常强大,所以真的拜托请帮帮我。Let me know that you are really powerful, so please help me.
电子邮箱 Email:
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Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me with the fingers in Reds animations. Thanks Tongue

BTW I'm using blender.

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i have the BCH file of 3dmax2014 and big steel snake(bch) model, but I don't know how to get your 3dmax patch.
i need (obj)model
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