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Community Pixel Hut (General Sprite Thread)
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small avatar of a character of mine. not happy with it yet, so giving it a day or two to rest.
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[Image: WSBECoV.png]
Some humanoid enemies


[Image: 50PR0np.png]
Enlarged the battle sprites to make mugshots.
not sure how to cast the lighting on the shadowy figure.
Its me!
[Image: sfKT0RO.png]
I made a sprite of myself as a better profile picture. I still want to make the background more interesting and maybe make me blink or do some other kind of expression, but this is a start.
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Remember in the early 2000's when people made Dreamcast Sonic into Genesis sprites? I kinda did that.

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Potato quality monitor does not help with spriting.
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(06-22-2017, 11:29 PM)11th Wrote: Potato quality monitor does not help with spriting.
Just going to focus on the bat for now. I'm not really liking the shape of the head/body. If you're going for a kind of cartoonish bat, I would recommend making the body a bit bigger and rounder. On that note, careful not to make it resemble a circle, try to mess around with the shape a bit to see what you like. I also think the color of the body is a little too dark and that there should be a bit more contrast against the outline. The last thing I would like to note is that there is a little bit of banding on the wings.

I left a little example below if it helps at all.

Edit: Removed attached file

[Image: 3uFouN6.png]
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I'm pretty tired so I can't really type a proper reply right now, but for now I'll say that it's this Kirby enemy, and it's based on the KSS style.

Edit: Quote failed, oops.
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Finally done with my Rocky sprites.

[Image: okwksDc.png]
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Just a wip thing. 
[Image: ALLihlm.gif][Image: tEgzitN.gif]
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=7545][Image: attachment.php?aid=7545]

A character that I've been working on and will animate over the next coming weeks.

I ended up tackling the shading first because I wanted to get an idea of what my final product would look like, but uhh yeah not too sure if I'm entirely sold with the shading just yet. So that will be subject to change.

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[Image: rMNLFpm.png]

They were playing Jurassic Park trilogy on tv for what felt like ages...
A source was used for this
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Love Gotta Have it:
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