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Community Pixel Hut (General Sprite Thread)
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small avatar of a character of mine. not happy with it yet, so giving it a day or two to rest.
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[Image: tu.png][Image: da.png][Image: fb.png][Image: tw.png][Image: mail2.png]

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[Image: WSBECoV.png]
Some humanoid enemies


[Image: 50PR0np.png]
Enlarged the battle sprites to make mugshots.
not sure how to cast the lighting on the shadowy figure.
Its me!
[Image: sfKT0RO.png]
I made a sprite of myself as a better profile picture. I still want to make the background more interesting and maybe make me blink or do some other kind of expression, but this is a start.
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Remember in the early 2000's when people made Dreamcast Sonic into Genesis sprites? I kinda did that.

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Potato quality monitor does not help with spriting.
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(Yesterday, 12:29 AM)11th Wrote: Potato quality monitor does not help with spriting.
Just going to focus on the bat for now. I'm not really liking the shape of the head/body. If you're going for a kind of cartoonish bat, I would recommend making the body a bit bigger and rounder. On that note, careful not to make it resemble a circle, try to mess around with the shape a bit to see what you like. I also think the color of the body is a little too dark and that there should be a bit more contrast against the outline. The last thing I would like to note is that there is a little bit of banding on the wings.

I left a little example below if it helps at all.

Edit: Removed attached file

[Image: 3uFouN6.png]
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I'm pretty tired so I can't really type a proper reply right now, but for now I'll say that it's this Kirby enemy, and it's based on the KSS style.

Edit: Quote failed, oops.
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Finally done with my Rocky sprites.

[Image: okwksDc.png]
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Just a wip thing. 
[Image: ALLihlm.gif][Image: tEgzitN.gif]
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