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Why did you change your VGR identity? (Ver. 2)
(12-10-2016, 08:09 PM)Shade Wrote:
(12-10-2016, 07:45 PM)JazzGW Wrote:
(12-10-2016, 11:01 AM)Kosheh Wrote: just in time for christmas

shes saying "ho ho ho

merry christma-aaahhhchoo"

kosh has opened my eyes to the sneeze
NOOOO!! Don't open your eyes during a sneeze!!!

um, it's clearly pre-sneeze good sir
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So, uh, I went from Earthworm Jim to a Santa hat wearing Earthworm Jim. 'Cause, you know, December and stuff. Earthworm Jim is still playing Angry White Boy Polka, though.
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fries b4 guys
i know i know "ur doubleposting" but

since petie was kind enough to rename me i thought he'd appreciate it if i made a post here so as to alleviate any fears me may or may not have had with regards to me trying to be less than forthcoming with the username i previously assumed

basically its me claire/sengir

as a kid i was prissy and lazy so my mother called me "potato princess" (commonly used in phrases like "rise and shine potato princess" but obnoxiously as if ur mother was a sadistic and ugly version of goofy of goofy movie fame) and now it it true. i am the potato princess. i know 1001 ways to kill a man and cook a tater
I grew to hate my name because I made countless mistakes I want to forget... So here I am with a new name. Heart
Developer of Super Smash Bros. Feud, and I like to consider myself a pretty decent, approachable guy!

I'm a Pepsiholic since 2010.
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I love Angelic Purple Heart.
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because it's a homage to my hold username. Also because it's the same name I have over at Newgrounds
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I've changed my name tons of times. I used to go by Rocketboy680 back on Panelmonkey and some modding sites because I had an idea in my mind about making a game starring a kid with a jetpack. Then for no reason at all I went by AppleFritter on sites like Flashstand, where I was a total jerk.

First username I used here was RGamesINC, which I used through much of my adolescence. I was trying to brand myself as some one-man game development team or something on some other sites, so RGamesINC it was.

Finally settled on Dunkelschwamm when I made it a gamertag and it kinda stuck. Big part of my heritage is German so I thought it was cool, now a lot of my online friends still call me "Dunk" even if I change it. I patchworked the name together while taking a German language class. Figured that it became so ingrained with my online interactions that it would become my permanent alias.

Other names I've gone by in various forms: Lord Flamingus, Yardymothymus, WJHollyART (William John Holly is my actual factual full name), RB6800.

Also my avatar is what it is because when I was younger I had a dream that I was playing F-Zero X and the announcer was just screaming at me and the game never started.
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Getting back to my Tom Guycot roots, also this image from DA is a really awesome homage to Clash at Demonhead.
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Just felt like changing, I thought why not use my Nuclear Throne rips.
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(09-19-2014, 08:24 AM)MrYoshbert Wrote: I was getting tired of Blue Sprixie Princess.

Here, have smug-faced Violet Sprixie Princess instead!

That is a good idea. Like, all of the Sprixie Princesses are cute. I would wonder what would happen if I met the them in real life...
You're all... BABIES!
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coming up on ten years since joining this place. if a child was born when i made my account itd be floss dancing rn
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Mostly due to the fact that Angry Birds is more or less dead, and the one after that is because I felt it was too generic.
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