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Why did you choose your username?
Little kid on the internet trying to sound cool

after hours of no idea what to name myself

I named my self "bagel" because I was eating one at the time.
It didn't seem cool enough, and I remembered the name of a poet whose poem I had to recite for class (his name's 'Daegal', which I thought was meant to be said like 'Day-gull'. The actual poem I had to do is here, which I just found. Nostalgia o/), so I stole the spelling Unsure

Thus, Bagel + Daegal --> Baegal

((strangely I didn't remember the poem part into just right now. I always thought I just added random letters--it's funny though because I remember it verrrrry clearly now. huh))
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I used to go on Pixeltendo as ~Megaluigi~ and it was basically my first forum ever. I was awful and I made a lot of shitty sprite comics and I got banned a couple times because I had a very high temper.

I eventually went back to Pixeltendo under a new name: Davis. Which is the closest username to my actual name (David). But like even that name kind of really sucked. I eventually just decided to throw together words to sound cool and anime or something.

I'm not even sure of my thought process when making it, but it stuck. I think Ark is basically the coolest and most anime name ever so I guess it works.
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I'm a Ginger, and my parents had me and are not married. (so that makes me a Bastard)

wow that was really interesting right Wink
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Back in 2008 when I got banned from ROBLOX, I was kinda stupid so I thought my account was banned forever, rather than one day. So, I made the account "RobloxRocks3376". When I first heard of Minecraft, though, I wanted to sign up with something different, so I changed to GuywithPie, but keeping the 3376 in case somebody already had the name, since I thought GuywithPie sounded cooler. Why 3376? I honestly don't know. On some sites, I just use GuywithPie without the 3376. Though, even if given the opportunity, I never space it out because "Guy with Pie" sounds weird and slower to me.
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It's the name of the psuedo-company I develop games under.
I'm a programmer and stars are cool.
okay. company made. games released. millions made.

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later losers.
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'rhyme' from the world ends with you and it just stuck. i don't remember what made me decide on rhyme,
but whatever man

rhymey was something a girl used to call me and i started using it in the off event Rhyme was taken on whatever i was registering for
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My surnames are Schwarz Altuve.

I added Alternate because it was the first word that started with "Alt" that I came up with.
(01-24-2014, 07:52 AM)Gors Wrote: those are really fucking classy surnames you've got there

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those are really fucking classy surnames you've got there
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Mine's pretty simple:
I used to use the handle 'Sketch' for the longest time, but I feel that it's a commonly used name for folks who draw.
it became Sketchasaurus because I've always been a huge Dinosaur geek, and at the time, I had started to draw a bunch of dinosaurs again.
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that story sounds pretty sketchy...
(01-25-2014, 05:48 PM)Sengirbug Wrote: that story sounds pretty sketchy...

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People kept asking what an IceManual was so I changed to Frederick Crescent..
Frederic being the name of my favorite pianist, added the K in there to make it a bit more 'exotic'
The Crescent part comes in in the fact that my first gamertag was Crescent Knight in homage to Dias Flac from Star Ocean 2. Combine them together and I now have a lead character name for an rpg I barely get to work on
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My name's Raymond. I like Lemongrab.
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