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Sacrifice Girl
So, I just kinda stumbled upon this game yesterday. It's basically a survival/metroidvania where you play as a girl whose been offered as a sacrifice to evil creatures in the ocean and have to escape. The most important thing here is AIR.

Now, this game is a bit too panic inducing for my tastes, but someone here might like it.

Link -

Here's a short gameplay video:

[Image: 357n7r6_zps67bc167e.gif]
That's bound to give me one or two heart attacks if I ever were to play it.

Looks like a really cool concept, though.
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I'll maybe give it a shot at some point. I like the idea of a game that's dedicated to being underwater, since those tend to work out a lot better than games that only have some sections and levels underwater.

Aquaria was also a good underwater game since the game was entirely designed around that playstyle.
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