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Eternal Love 2.0 - The Love Thread 2014 - 2015 - 2016
(11-16-2014, 05:50 PM)recme Wrote: [Image: fuMcQhT.png]

wheres the love?

I'm curious.
Am i the dog?
Which one am i?
Am i not there?
im so confused. sorry.
i feel like such a n00b typing this but w/e.
but yes. nate is my name
[Image: jcKgJbX.png]
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I think that "dog" is Ploaj.
(11-17-2014, 09:16 PM)nateismyname Wrote: I'm curious.
Am i the dog?
Which one am i?
Am i not there?

uhh i dont really know what you look like, (or what your ref is, for that matter) so how do you think i can draw you on there?

also, i was joking about the "nateisyourname" thing, lol.
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
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(11-17-2014, 09:37 PM)Trollerskates Wrote: I think that "dog" is Ploaj.

pfff pfff pfff
otter Tongue
[Image: b6Bqjzn.gif]
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I think a tortoise was left out of that

Not that I wanted to be in your rep bro group anyway... Baka
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[Image: sweet-capn-cakes-deltarune.gif]
How do you expect me to see, my eyes are always closed!

(Translated: Whoops, I'm an idiot)
[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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welcome petie to the rep bro family tree!

[Image: efh3Sze.png]
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
Could poke an eye out with those eyes.
[Image: 582217063e.png][Image: RWDCRik.png]

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(11-19-2014, 10:18 PM)recme Wrote: welcome petie to the rep bro family tree!

[Image: efh3Sze.png]

This is outstanding. Big Grin
[Image: DfuGRuF.png]
"That reminds me of a Sound I heard while approving sounds to be uploaded."
The good ol' love thread eh? I'll post my new ref then.

[Image: D9cxQyw.jpg]

The color of his hair is black. His eyes are emerald green. His forearms and legs are metalic silver for primary color, The designs on his forearms are grey. His shirt is a light blue color with navy blue stripes from his neck to his sleves and down his sides. His tights are navy blue with light blue stripes down his waist. He has white skin tight gloves on his hands and his feet are white. The socks under the metalic parts of his legs are black.

Here's my second ref:

[Image: QuberdI.png]

Comments on creativity wheather for praise or criticism are welcome.

Edit: Heres some love too.
[Image: 4KH4BGS.jpg]

[Image: F6MZ6hv.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mzx6bm02eC1s38z45o1_500.gif]
Anonymous Wrote:...the world is so much simpler if you just dont give a FUCK...
Who's the demon lemon? He looks cool.
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(12-07-2014, 06:30 PM)Mystie Wrote: Who's the Demonlemon?

You more or less answered your own question, friend. Check the link below for a little more information.
(02-27-2014, 07:31 PM)Gors Wrote: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUCK. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR SUCKY ART. I think this needs to go noticed to everyone, because sucking is not failing. Sucking is part of the fun of learning and if you don't suck, then you won't own at pixelart

it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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[Image: eI7N0K0.png]

maybe ill make some comics of us 4 later

[Image: bfTY3io.png]

oops, double post
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]

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