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i'm shawn i make sprites and have no life
(06-27-2014, 09:35 PM)Zac. Wrote: [Image: tumblr_n7e4r6fOeV1ryfvhxo1_r1_250.gif]
made these for fun

[Image: 6IrjBqy.gif]
[Image: iNlorqL.gif]
and these (+much more) for game/commission

also virtuaboy i like where thats headed. i'd do an edit/crit but i wanna see where you went with it first, if you decided to continue it.
What game is featuring mana enemies? *hopes it's a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu 1*

Anyway, I like the vibrancy, and the animation is nice and smooth. Would be stellar to see you try your hand at hi-res versions too.
[Image: tamerkoh.gif?9][Image: DevBanner.png][Image: Youtube.gif]DLBROOKS33
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i would say these sprite are 5/10 at best

if u pm me i might teach u some of my tutorial lesons
[Image: f4bPFsQ.gif]

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