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Well, I like the boss concept. The design and colours seem pretty solid.
Looking forward to seeing more! Smile
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[Image: 0cd749d8c282446f32f55547f5ec437c.png]Like usual I put what I was working on down for a new idea, when will I finish anything :Y. Here is a redesign of Jax (bouncing lil'shit in my avatar) that I did in the fighters resource style. I am actually quite happy with it so far. other than the arms and hands. But I am never happy with those. I think this time Jax looks more power ranger/gundam-y.
[Image: 1OY7VNC.gif]Heres to still sucking at animation. Honestly I am still happy with the outcome of the sprite as a whole. Just wish I could animate worth a damn.
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Is he supposed to be just bouncing or also breathing? Let the hands/arms relax as his body goes up. Otherwise, his upper body looks too rigid. His head, upper body and waist are also too rigid. Perhaps when he goes down, have the head delay a frame before it falls - the same with the hands (not the shoulders though).



ugh. This took longer than expected.

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The animation itself is very subtle so I just moved lots of body parts around. I played with delaying things and stuff. I can't say exactly what I did because I did a bit (Or atleast it felt like I did hehe). The animation is about subtle movement and there's only so much you can do with 1-2 pixel offsetting. Anyways, I hope this helps you understand what I mean by breaking the rigidness.
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[Image: ec31e626a4ade1d9dad28e1af39a576f.png]been nearly a month since I last posted anything here...So have a reimagined mega man design I came up with yesterday. I took some of my favorite elements of both Rock and X and kinda mishmashed it into this TOTES ORIGINAL design. the arms are actually meant to be a hologram that can manipulate itself into different shapes and sizes, if you have the chip to do the thing you want. One of the abilities it came with was meant to be a grapple that would stretch out the arm and grab onto something so it can swing. But really other than that it was for fun. I used the original NES palette to do the sprites colors.
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