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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
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"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

I guess chris is taking the initiative so he doesn't have to pay for medical bills.
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Anti-Vipershark Operation Pantsu Weapon - By Kistu-nii~ Cute

Here's my ref:
[Image: sunlightref.png]
heres my ref, his name is INK (in all caps because its actually Ian Neo Kennan, Ian just because, Neo after Nero Cortex from Crash Bandicoot, Kennan after one of my friends at the time of his creation)
strange, INK is one of my oldest characters but also one of the few that I can remember why each features is as it is, anyway I won't bore you with details, in short its a mouthy smartass bag of hot air, initially a burlap sack it sprung to life when it was lit aflame.
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NOTE: I deal in sketches because my line arting skills and more so my colouring skills are low, but I'm near always happy with my sketches.
colours of my avatar are correct except the eyes are typically black, his eyes almost always have that upturned look

anyway while I was at it I also doodled a pic for Previous
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Thank you! :>

Updated the list.
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So Kawaii
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thinking about doing a gbc/ngpkt/wonderswan color style rpg, using refs as characters.
(might use rpgmaker unless i find somthing better)
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Some will be playable, some npc, others would be bosses.
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Love Gotta Have it:
Oh god, please make that game. Those look so cool Big Grin
Thanks! :D
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made 3 more
Sunlight, Bombshell, Phaze
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I find it nice that some refs could easily fit in a story relationship.

Like Ink could be one of Sunlight's creations/pets and escapes and it up to our heroes to catch him before he burns the town down.
Perhaps after the quest you could get like a fire pendant that helps you resist devastating ice attacks. Would go well vs someone else secondary ref (who I see as a boss).
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Love Gotta Have it:
Thank you So Much Virtuaboy!
[Image: 1lYIpk9.gif] GET THESE MEMES OFF THE TABLE! -Hiyna live when I feel like it... You just gotta get lucky
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Also Love Stuff

Hey Look! I support stuff!
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I'm kind of bored with Greenguin, so I guess I'll have an alt ref

[Image: AWWsnapple.png]

It's name is OH SNAPple


because it's a snapple bottle



I like snapple, sue me
(03-10-2013, 05:00 PM)Virtuaboy123 Wrote: . Would go well vs someone else secondary ref (who I see as a boss).

orgasmatron is the boss of the game and you cant win the end : )
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the final boss is the Slug Mafia
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funny thing is I didn't even mention the personality of Ink much but running a muck and burning a town down is right up its alley! (especially when drunk, due to his insides being fire drinking bursts him into flames)
also thanks for the pixel love virtua and ploaj Big Grin
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