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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
Shameless Bob Dylan "Love and Theft" reference title

Refer to here for the old thread.

TSR Love/Character Reference Thread
Here, you can check the members' refs and make cool artsy things for them. Have fun making, giving and receiving love!

You are not allowed to ask nor beg for love, even indirectly; that's not cool.

17032 alexmach1
02683 Baegal
16870 BlueBlur97
16807 Bombshell93
03773 Captain Harlock
00106 Chairman Amon
00081 Chaoxys
02644 Chris2Balls [:B]
01582 Demonlemon
01182 Devicho
00088 Gaia
04615 Hipster Bastard
17810 Hiyna S. Blackfeather
01317 Hoeloe
04128 Iceman404
14585 JuninFC
16869 Kami
07137 Lexou Duck
04982 LunchPolice
04394 masquerain... IN 3D!
11231 Mighty Jetters
17305 Mowtaku
16536 Mutsukki
00535 NICKtendo DS
00669 Orgasmatron
00026 PhantomK
18557 Phaze
09120 Ploaj
00030 Previous
16140 puggsoy
01912 [robo9•2]
02960 RokuGurin
00036 Rosencrantz
09611 Sevenstitch
03768 Sketchasaurus
13981 ShadeDBZ
00072 SmithyGCN
00062 Song Bird
00446 StarSock64/Angie
16211 Sunlight
00303 SuperGoomba
09288 Tellis
09808 The Flash
04981 TomGuycott
15890 Trollerskates
03923 Vic
18076 Virtuaboy123
14526 Zabadabenabadaba

The ref list starts anew, so now-gone members will not be transferred over while everyone else posts their ref again to continue on. The format of the list will remain the same; user ID followed by username.
I'll start off the list~

[Image: 1p8ND.png]

Or you can use this alternatively:

[Image: i1kVk.png]

(by the way, baegal made the alternate ref. he's a sexy beast

[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
Current reference (as of 11/8/2012-2013):

[Image: BloomArt-1.png]

Meet one of my very first OCs, Bloom the flower fairy robot. As you can probably tell from the proportions, she is a Mega Man Classic fan character. I first made her along with a series of other characters that are related to her (her sisters and brothers) that all tie into a story, and I decided that I've grown to like her more than Mossy ATM, so I will be using her as my main ref. now (also the first female char. that I've accepted to be my official ref. lol). You can still draw Mossy if you like, he just won't be "me" for now.

Also, the petals of the flower-shaped gem on her chest have the "texture" (the sides/angles/lines) of this -- I just couldn't get it to look right. Also her fairy wings are super glittery/sparkly~

Dangit I'm too slow for everything. I wanted to make the 2013 love thread and thought I was gonna be first. Welp.

Mighty Jetters / Mighty Jetaku, yay.

EDIT: Also I feel I should add here... first off, I don't intend or want to sound ungrateful at all. I love and whole-heartedly appreciate everything that anyone makes for me. With that out of the way, I just would like to get out that, I would genuinely appreciate if possible, that the gifts do not contain or pertain to "thank/thanking" jokes. I normally would never try to list off "exceptions", as it sounds really picky and obnoxious, but it honestly bothers me a little. This is just in the case of if you are not sure whether I am okay with the jokes themselves, which is why I'm writing this. Sorry. I hope you understand. Ouch!
[Image: sweet-capn-cakes-deltarune.gif]
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[Image: YCTnm.png]
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[Image: 2ihmn1y.png]
I will duplicate the entirety of my other love reference post later.
[Image: Little_lamp_in_dark_room.jpg]

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[Image: ukcLU.png]
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
[Image: iYlJCePkxin9D.png]
Currently this. ^
Previously this. \/
[Image: i3rwi0Nfs9lVn.png]
[Image: 582217063e.png][Image: RWDCRik.png]

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[Image: 2i8vcdv.gif]
One naked
[Image: G8yX7.png]
One with MachoMan garb
[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
[Image: 0E65x.png]
Here is my ref. Plus quick love for Mighty Jetters
[Image: nVUfa.png]
[Image: shrine.gif]
[Image: rwR4z.jpg]
Tellis on the left, Jester Frog on the right.
Jester Frog, my older character, is kind of a spiritual companion to Tellis, my newer character, now. No one's really sure whether he's a ghost, a mystical creature, a figment of Tellis' imagination or something else entirely, though, not even Tellis.

Oh, and the scarf's length can definitely vary, I just made it super long because I thought it looked cool. So yeah. I should make a color version but generally I draw Tellis with a green coat and yellow scarf and Jester Frog with a blue and orange hat (his skin is green, obviously), but the colors really aren't set in stone.

Just as an aside, the logo on the jacket is supposed to be the Super Famicom logo:
[Image: super_famicom_logo-10811.png]
but you don't HAVE to put it on. I just realized it doesn't EXACTLY work with the green coat I'm usually drawn with but whatever!!
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[Image: 2bDQS.png]

There we go.

Also, seeing I mostly change usernames based on jokes, it's fine if it's always kept as Mutsukki~
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[Image: rayref.png]
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥
Omega ; Phant Mmkay ; Baegal ; Gorsal ; Drakocat ; Chaoxys ; TomGuyCott ; Chris2balls ; Mighty Jetters ; Blueblur97 ; NICKtendo DS ;
Kachua (Secret Santa) ; and some more that i need to locate, save and link onto here
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[Image: RosenType2.png]

still never got around to doing my own official update on my ref aside from this small pixel version of it

but yeah!!

[Image: hannah-poster.png]

Good enough.
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[Image: OiRZE.png]

Go here for an updated design!

Neko 'Bouncy' Cat
The red, fluffy ball of absolute cuteness wrapped in a green innertube.
His hobby of collecting has reached a point of bizarre. Who has a square and triangular innertube, which are sure not to fit, in their dressoir? It's not even his dressoir, seeing as his sister Princess is the only one wearing clothes.
His favorite food is fishcake. He simply cannot resist the savory pastry, nor do his enemies. If either his sister or his lunch is in danger, he becomes an instant hero, bouncing his way to victory.
[Image: icicle.png]
A powerful alien from a distant planet and a distant future.
He is able to travel through space and time freely, though at the cost of his own health. His desire to lay the entire universe in ruin is furfilled by scattering Sundae ice bombs all over the populated planets in the prehistoric past, causing ice ages all over. With no life left but his own, he can rule all over time and space in solitude.
Yeah, he is quite the antisocial type. He almost succeeded, but Earth's force of nature managed to revive. No biggie. It's just 1 planet. What could go wrong? Oh right... Protagonists.
He's cold, he's evil, he's from space, he's from the future, he's your fantasy antagonist. I want to play as him, he's so friggin' cool!
[Image: QUmE6.gif]
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