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Love and Ref: The Love Thread 2013-2014
[Image: d9046b01535862cc3c6ae1c2767105de.JPG]

I just so happen to have a previous laying around....
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Also Love Stuff

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Thankies :>

Copypasta from the old thread.

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Updated the list and switched from url- to rel-tags.
Previous, your characters are just straight up adorable
[Image: shrine.gif]
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[Image: request_sploder_by_mabelma-d5rf1nx.jpg]
[Image: Boggle_inside_a_futuristic_pod_by_Mabelma.png]

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(01-07-2013, 05:01 PM)Lexou Duck Wrote: [Image: b1b4g.png]
didn't even see this but I guess I'll post pics of my ref
[Image: conceptx.png]
doodled this up in Calc class
[Image: jkajd1o.jpg&action=rotate]
[Image: mugen.gif][Image: 41583772.gif]

Love Gotta Have it:
Did a recent pic of my mascot. Looks much better than before.

[Image: r0YHD.png]
[Image: H4KAm.gif]
Yup. I'm a Touhou fan.
[Image: 1PO1o]

an alternate ref i guess
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
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this thread is slow, so I tried photoshopping a doodle
ignore the rushed hat-flower and bad cloud effect :c
[Image: ScannedImage51-1.jpg][Image: UOF_phaze_thumb.png] (colors - note, doesn't wear the hat normally and the dress essentially looks "spacey")
Basically Phaze has the ability to control matter it's in contact with and it can use this ability to form a 'skin' to somewhat imitate a person. It's a bit flimsy though. Like, "punch her in the face and you tear it open to expose the black goop underneath" flimsy.
This girl is Phaze's alter-ego it uses to pass as human when around people skittish of shadow monsters, it was originally a friend's concept of me as a Touhou character.

It can also use this ability to phase (HURRR) through walls by shunting molecules out of the way; density and strength of material can impede this process and it takes energy to manipulate matter like that. I'm developing back-story and abilities for a character I will never actually use! Fun.

I'll post Phaze's combat form whenever I get around to bribing a friend of mine to draw it because noartskills Cry

Original post has also been updated.
oh my Gooooood axlemach you roooockkkk
one of my other characters actually has a hat like that. Big Grin
[Image: sweet-capn-cakes-deltarune.gif]
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My refs (yes, I'm still here)

[Image: Request_of_Nikolai60_by_SmithyGCN.jpg]
He's the male half of this drawing.
[Image: Happy_Thankliesgivin_____09_by_SmithyGCN.jpg]
[Image: portrait_of_a_young_man_by_smithygcn-d2zpkf4.jpg]
Him as a child.
God is good.  Big Grin

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Just a correction, this post is actually the first one I made in this thread Shy
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Not my fault! When you made the other post, I saw that you weren't on the list so I linked it.

Added SmithyGCN and everyone from page 3 and some from page 2 that had never been added. Angry
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Hey everyone. I finally got to update my ref! Big Grin

This is what I planned my original ref to look like (without his hat, if you remember), the difference is that he is now wearing a training gi and his hairstyle is more wild. He has black hair, a brown tail, and the traditional sayian thirst for battle. My ref is young, yes. That's because... I love children. Tongue

P.S: Now puggsoy and I have different eyes! Tongue

[Image: H7Zayi7.jpg]

I honestly thank you guys for your comments. They help me learn.
[Image: tumblr_mzx6bm02eC1s38z45o1_500.gif]
Anonymous Wrote:...the world is so much simpler if you just dont give a FUCK...
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no offense

but i really cant see an original ref in that character

i mean he looks like hes directly out of the show

and no im not saying that in the sense you matched the style nicely (which you kind of did)

im saying that because it looks like hes DIRECTLY from the show
[Image: 5lo5J.png]

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