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I like how everyone thought I was great a evil mastermind.
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I am simply the best at flipping coins.
Way to go, guys. You got me just in time. Big Grin
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(09-14-2012, 05:46 PM)Hoeloe Wrote: [robo9] redirects Keiang's power to OldMcHeadBurger

Keiang tries to protect "Nobody" from Trolls, but ends up protecting OldMcHeadBurger due to redirection
(Note: list actually had "Nobody" listed as the first element)

...You bastard. I COULD'VE SAVED HIM! INSTEAD, HE DIED IN VAIN. ...three times.
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Just out of curiosity, if two team would be left alive, how would that go on?
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(09-14-2012, 05:55 PM)Mutsukki Wrote: Just out of curiosity, if two enemy teams would be left alive, how would that go on?

To clear that up.
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I was going to play it such that all the evil teams were working together, but didn't know who was a member of the other teams. This way, if there were only evil members left, then they would all win, regardless of their team.

EDIT: Also, oops, got Keiangs role wrong on the first post of the game thread. He was actually the Goldminer, not a Member.
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oops, i locked it before you could fix that! sorry.

fixed it for you.
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Noticed a typo in my last plot post, too (had an extra "k" on the end of the word "as" for some reason), but it doesn't really matter. Thanks for fixing it up.

Also just want to add that I've played quite a few games of Werewolf before now, and this was the best one by far. Never had it get so close and have the innocents win by such a close margin. Excellent tension. Nicely done guys.
So whats the theme of the next game?
A new team stole Hoeloe's Orb?
they banned Dazz?

Hooray! A new chance to embarrass myself with at guessing peoples verdict and sides!

guys please dont ban me the first day again :X
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Naw, Dazz is sleeping the day away and doesn't want to be disturbed. Wink
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(09-14-2012, 05:48 PM)Mutsukki Wrote: I like how everyone thought I was great a evil mastermind.

God dammit, I legitimately thought you were the recolorer.

I have been so off with my predictions, uggghhhh Sick

After I put the hidden message in my post, I saw Sol viewing the thread for a while and got really paranoid that he had seen it.
I'm wondering if he did see it, and if that's why they tried to kill me
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Quote:Redblueyellow says:
keep an eye out for Sol and Britt for baddie characters


(Also, nice job innocents!)
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Honestly, that post was part of the reason that I was expecting Mutsukki. It's rare and unusual for mafia to sell out other mafia when they die, although I've only really observed 2 team max mafia games.

Once Sol died, I figured you gave us one innocent, and one guilty.
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