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This is the Werewolf Lounge for the second game this year. Here is where dead players and those who aren't part of the game can post. Discussion of the game goes here, but no information that isn't already public should be posted.

To clarify: If it wasn't in the game thread already, don't put it here. This is for people to discuss the game, not to ruin it.

Game Thread
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Crap, I'm dead already. Pfffft, I'm so lucky.

Well, there ar~is banned
Well, no worse off than I was last game. Ah well, can't be helped.
Haha, god damn, first night and I'm already out.

I was going to call up my power tonight, too. Three threats would have meant I could have saved three lives.

Admittedly I didn't expect there to be a third group. This is going to go by quickly if this means three/four knockouts each night.
Exactly why I wanted 25 players instead of 20. I figured the balance would be off without the extra players.
Well, this sucks
And I could have stopped reclorer attacks
well shit
and I was hoping that acting small and defenseless and having no clue of what im doing would help me get them dam[/size
PS:[size=xx-small]by the way I had an chat conversation with zadaben and he was acting queer. Hes a werewolf im pretty sure, but dont tell him that *Wink Wink*
I thought it was pretty much the height of irony.

I'm sure someone will host another game at some point.

Also, you probably shouldn't have posted that comment about Zadaben, since it wasn't public information already, and you're now a dead character.
I swear I didn't engineer the roles to have Crappy Blue Luigi as a Recolourer. I honestly just fed the names and roles into a random number generator.
i think it would've been hilarious if you took one of my Crappy sprites and recolored it to be luigi
Damn, I should have. Oh well.
Welllllllllllllll dag.

Oh well. Protection from execution was a bit too much of a power for me, anyway. I'd probably have never used it, because I'd be worried that I'd be protecting a bad guy.
RIP Innocents 199x - 2012
Looking at the IRC logs from last night,

I'm pretty sure I am a troll.
(09-06-2012, 01:15 AM)Kitsu Wrote: [ -> ]RIP Innocents 199x - 2012

Actually, they've still got a fairly good chance. In order to lose, they have to be outnumbered by any one of the evil teams, not all of them combined. If there are two innocents left, for example, there is the possibility that the baddies will kill off each other, as has already been happening a little, and they can just vote out the last one.

This game is also suffering from a distinct lack of Previous Lincoln.
(09-06-2012, 05:49 AM)Trollerskates Wrote: [ -> ]My username surely is unfortunate. Sad

hey kid, so was mine.
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