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Does this mean that originally, there were only two trolls?
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It does.
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Looks like my suspicions of redblueyellow were correct.

Horray! My death was not in vain!(not that anyone referenced my suspicions during voting)
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Honestly, I was expecting the trolls to win this game. Very impressed they managed to wipe the entire team out in one night.
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recolorers win
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Not yet they don't. In fact, it's very likely the innocents will win at this point.
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I didn't have internet connection for a few days so I was afraid I was letting everyone down, turns out I died as soon as I left anyway.

Also, someone other than the recolourers targeted me? I think I know why Wink
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Lol, I come back from a day in Berkeley to find this. Tongue Anyways, excellent job to all of the innocents (and the baddies who picked us off). And good job to OldMcHeadburger for suspecting me. Since we're both dead in the game, I hope I can say that OldMcHeadburger was my initial first pick to convert to a Troll, but I feel like I shot the troll's chances within the past day. :/ Thanks for putting on the game Hoeloe! (and sorry about screwing it up Kat and Vipershark)
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Don't ask why I gave [robo9] a stetson.

It seemed appropriate.
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Hoeloe, if you gave [robo9] a stetson, I should've had a propeller hat.

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Hi Sol.
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Daaaaaamn, so close! Ah well, I'm happy with how far I got. I was actually aiming for the power redirector today, too, so I'm really pleased everyone ended up voting for him. Smug Sorry robo9!

I have a hunch on who the last Recolorer is, I guess it came to me too late, though. Tongue

Thanks for the game, Hoeloe, I had fun!
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Well I thought if I laid low I wouldn't of been killed. Worked longer than I thought though, too bad I was shitty at guessing for power redirects
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Hey you redirected a Sprite thief into the last Troll, I'd say that was a good use of your power.
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um guys you do realize that if someone has been inactive for more than 3 days he should be replaced?
Why hasn't shiyadezubuzu been replaced?
Maybe hes been PMing Hoeloe the whole time and is a recolorer?
or maybe he has a power?
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