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Werewolf - A New Hope: Game Thread - GAME OVER - INNOCENTS WIN!
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I'm happy luck was on our side, for once Smile
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And to think, I would have gotten away with it too.

If it wasn't for you, and your meddling dog too.
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Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to get really bored and throw logic out the window.
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Its a good thing I have a bomb set to go off the moment I get banned.

If I go down, I'm taking tSR with me.
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What if we just get an admin to change the password on your account so you can't log in again?
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Then my plans are foiled.

Or are they?
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Well, since we're all here.

Voting Locked

P.S. Sorry I'm slightly late, personal commitments.


Voting (Majority 2):

Britt - 2

The beam of light shone down on the hall for the final time. Only three members remained, and unless the last garbage member was defeated now, there was no hope for tSR.
"So," said Hoeloe. "This is it. This really is our last chance. Who is the last garbage member?"
Mutsukki spoke up.
"I think it's Britt, and I have evidence." Mutsukki then examined some of the things Britt had said in the past, cross referencing them and showing why they may lead to Britt being a garbage member.
When he had finished, Keiang gave his thoughts.
"I'm not sure. I thought it was you, but you make some good points. I don't know which way to vote any more, but I have to vote one way or another... so I'm going to flip a coin on it."
"Seriously?" said Hoeloe. "Our last chance, and you leave it to fate?"
"Isn't that more or less what we've been doing up to now?" Keiang countered, and flipped the coin.
Time seemed to slow down as the coin descended. Keiang just had time to say: "Heads it's Mutsukki." before the coin landed in his outstretched palm. He brought it over to his other hand and looked at the outcome.


"Well," he said. "Britt it is then."
"No." Said a voice, which belonged to Britt. "I won't go down without a fight!" Then he yelled, and charged at Hoeloe. Hoeloe brought up his hammer in a battle pose, and stood his ground. Britt tore off his coat and pulled out his arsenal of recolours. He threw the first towards Hoeloe with a yell. There was a blinding flash as Hoeloe swung his hammer to deflect the blow. Britt threw a second, and again it was blocked. Now, he had reached Hoeloe, and thrust the remaining recolours into his face. Hoeloe grinned.
"You've failed to take into account two things," he said, slyly. "Firstly, my eyes are closed." This was indeed true, and Britt paused. "And secondly," Hoeloe went on, "my hammer is above your head." Britt jerked back in sudden realisation, and the hammer smashed into the back of his head. There was a blinding flash of light, and it was over.
"Is... is it done?" said Keiang.
"It is," replied Hoeloe, standing up. "TSR is free again." And with that, the beam of light shone on him once more. There was a flash of light, and when it faded, Hoeloe stood there, his hammer gone.
"My powers have been removed, they were only ever temporary. I have no more power than you. Now, we can begin again." And they stepped out of the doors, and into the light.

Britt was executed and banned. He was a Recolourer, an evil member who could show other members recolours and ban them


Time flowed over tSR like a river. There was work to be done. The garbage members had been ousted, but they had done a lot of damage in their time. There were the innocent members to unban, and that took a lot of organisation to ensure no garbage members came back.
Hoeloe stood once more on the steps outside the hall, beside several other members. In front of them, there was a flash of light, and TorchManiac appeared.
"Welcome back," said Hoeloe. "It's all over now, and you're the last of those we lost during the battle to be restored."
"They're all gone?" TorchManiac asked.
"All of them," confirmed Hoeloe. "In time, tSR will be ask it was again. But for now, we rest."


All the evil teams were defeated, and the remaining innocent members can resume the activities they once enjoyed. In time, the wounds will heal, and tSR will be as it was.

Final Night summary:

- Britt was executed
- Game ended - Innocents win!

Thanks for playing, everyone! It's been a great game! I'll post up the rolesheets and the activity logs in the Lounge in a minute.
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See, my monthly sacrifice to the Random Number God paid off.

Good game everyone.
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