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Werewolf - A New Hope: Game Thread - GAME OVER - INNOCENTS WIN!


Welcome to Werewolf! This is a game where half the players are trying to kill the other half of the players, but people don't know which is which! Using feats of deduction and skill with words, you can win.


1. Shadow Kami - Banned Day 1 - Sprite Thief
2. redblueyellow - Banned Day 4 - Troll
3. [robo9] - Banned Day 5 - Post Editor
4. alexmach1 - Banned Day 3 - Harsh Critic
5. Vipershark - Banned Day 4 - Troll
6. Trollerskates - Banned Day 3 - Sprite Thief
7. Mutsukki - Survivor - Member
8. Sol - Banned Day 5 - Sprite Thief
9. Keiang - Survivor - Goldminer
10. Crappy Blue Luigi - Banned Day 2 - Recolourer
11. Sir Zabedabenabedaba - Banned Day 2 - History Searcher
12. Britt - Banned Day 8 - Recolourer
13. Tellis - Banned Day 2 - Private Messenger
14. Phantom K - Banned Day 2 - Sprite Submitter
15. OldMcHeadburger - Banned Day 3 - Member
16. Kat - Banned Day 4 - Honourary Troll/Lurker
17. recolorcool - Banned Day 3 - Recolourer
18. Gold - Banned Day 6 - Super Mod
19. Rosencrantz - Banned Day 1 - Requester
20. Shiyadezubuzu - Banned Day 6 - Hue Shifter
21. Sorario - Banned Day 7 - Member
22. TorchManiac - Banned Day 1 - Spoiler Tagger


Night 1 Post
Night 2 Post
Night 3 Post
Night 4 Post
Night 5 Post
Night 6 Post
Night 7 Post
Final Night Post

Any other questions, then just drop me a PM. I'm running this game, so I'll try and answer as best I can to make sure everyone has fun.

You can, if you didn't get here soon enough, sign up as a replacement. Replacements will take the place of players who drop out of the game for whatever reason. Sign up here!

Role sheets have all been sent out, and Day 1 has commenced!
and so it begins.
EDIT: and so it begins later
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Just to be clear, the game hasn't started yet. I'll post when I've sent all the role sheets out, and then the game will commence.

Role sheets have all been sent out!

Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favo- *shot*
Welp, let's see how long it takes to get killed again.
Cool, square 1 yet again.

...Now what?

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Well there's never anything to go on in the first day anyways and I might not be around later this evening so I might as well get the first vote out of the way.

Vote: Shadow Kami

Simply for the fact that it's the first name on the list and there is nothing to go on yet.
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Theres ussually nothing to go by on the first day.
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I haven't played in a Werewolf game in a couple of years, this should be interesting.
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I looked at the crowd of members before me. One of the sprite thieves who made this place the desolate wreck it is now had gone under my name. I didn't see any other Phantom Ks around, but of course I didn't. They would be too clever for that. The cretins could be any single person I saw before me. I didn't like that. No one could be trusted. No one was safe.
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hope votes arent locked
i really don't have much time so Im just going to vote a random person
Vote: Sir Zadaben
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vote: Keiang

I'm only voting for him because he's in the ninth spot. My spot.
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Thanks Torch.
Vote: Nobody
No reason to vote for anyone yet.
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Vote: Trollerskates
I'm only doing this cause' you're awesome man! Tongue
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Seeing as there isn't any evidence to use, I'm going to stick with not voting for anyone.

VOTE: No One
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ugh, i'm starting to see a pattern.

Vote: Nobody

there really isn't anything to base accusations on when it comes to the first day, so i'll just side with the majority "nobody" vote for now.

also, thread stickied!
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