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tSR Werewolf 2: A New Hope Signups *SIGN UP AS A REPLACEMENT!*
Still looking for 4 more players (or 3, failing that, since I can move up TorchManiac). I'll have to cut down on the number of different roles unless we get them.
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I intend to start this game on Monday. It would be nice to get a couple more players, so I don't have to cut down the number of roles.

You know you want to.
Well, looks like TorchManiac is in, and we're going to have to cut down a little on the roles. Fortunately, we should only have to cut down one to get it to work properly.
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I'm going to leave it another day to see if we can get those last few players. I really don't want to cut down on the game. I'll be starting tomorrow, regardless.

EDIT: Screw that, setting it up now.

Game has started. Signups are now for replacements only.
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