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tSR Werewolf 2: A New Hope Signups *SIGN UP AS A REPLACEMENT!*
Hello there!
Well, the first game of tSR Werewolf in a long time has concluded, and to give Sol a break, I'm taking over for another game!

As Sol explained in the other post, Werewolf (a.k.a. Mafia) is a game in which there are two teams, Innocents and Werewolves. The aim of each is to wipe out the other. The game is split into two stages, day and night. Each day, every player votes for who they think is a werewolf, and if a majority is reached, they are killed. Each night, the werewolves can kill off someone else, resulting in essentially a race against the clock. A few innocents also have powers they can use, to find out if people are werewolves, or to protect others from werewolf attacks.

At the start of the game, I will send out PMs to each player describing your role and how you use any powers. All powers are used through a PM to me, but any votes during the day should be public.

In the last game, the evil team of crappy posters defeated the few remaining good members of tSR, resulting the forum becoming a hive of scum and villainy.

Hopefully this explains a few things about how the game works, for those who don't know. More information can be found on the Wiki Page or on the last game's signup thread.

For this game, at least 25 players will be required for optimal play, so it's slightly bigger than last time. If we exceed this, though, I'll have a replacements list up so you can take over if anyone else drops out.

Keep in mind, before you sign up, that daily participation is expected. I'll issue a warning if you haven't been active in 2 days, and will automatically replace you if you haven't been active in 3. Of course, unforeseen circumstances may occur, so don't worry too much if you have to drop out. Just let me know first.

I think that's pretty much everything, so here's the list:


1. Shadow Kami
2. redblueyellow
3. [robo9]
4. alexmach1
5. Vipershark
6. Trollerskates
7. Mutsukki
8. Sol
9. Keiang
10. Crappy Blue Luigi
11. Sir Zabedabenabedaba
12. Britt
13. Tellis
14. Phantom K
15. OldMcHeadburger
16. Kat
17. recolorcool
18. Gold
19. Rosencrantz
20. Shiyadezubuzu
21. Sorario
22. TorchManiac

Since the game has started, you cannot sign up as a player any more. However, you can still sign up as a replacement should anyone drop out.



Game Thread (For those playing the game)
Lounge (For dead players, non-players and those on the replacements list)
I'm in.
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I'll join this time.
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I'm afraid I should pass, I have some learing to do and exams are coming up.

Either way, I'd like to inform that I'm probably going to enforce moderation this time. When the rules say you may not post in the game topic as a non-player or after death, do not post. I may be inclined to actually issue warns / posting suspension if it happens again okay Smile
or I may just delete them
Or go through the trouble of splitting and merging to move them to the topic they are supposed to be in.
Just saying it bugged me last time Tongue

PS: Stickied!~
Im in~
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vengeance shall be had. I'm in.
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I'm in
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I actually think I'll have enough time to vote and whatever. I'm in, I guess.
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Yay, last game seemed fun. Count me in!
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I'll play.
Well, time to get murdered again!
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I'll take that as a yes.
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i'm very in.

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I am totally in, but I cannot be super active, I will try to log on once a day at least.
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Sure, why not.
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