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Quote:We shall agree to disagree there. Yes it's shallow as hell but playing as an angry man and killing things is fun. I don't need every game I play to be deep. It's like Asura's Wrath - your going to love it or hate it.

not sure you really understand what i'm saying when i refer to it being shallow or refer to a game being deep
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Oh geez just let someone like a game!
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I just wanna see some more of this.


I would really love a true Mario World 2. Not Yoshi's Island stuff.
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Oh wow how was I unaware that this happened?

That... was amazing...
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I'm starting to really get hyped up for E3 now. All I want is for Nintendo to have a good enough show to put anyone worried about the WiiU and what not at ease, because personally, I'm tired of all the negativity I've been hearing here and there.

The real thing that makes me sad is that pretty much all of Nintendo's main franchises are currently up to date now (F-Zero and Earthbound aside), so it's like, anything announced based on a first person game, although it'll be pretty awesome, it won't have that same dramatic feel. Remember back in 2010 when Reggie said Retro was working on something new and you suddenly heard the familiar tunes of DK in the background? Or how about when you heard "Sorry to keep you waiting" and you saw Pit fly by? That was an amazing feeling. I know the chances are low. Really low, but I'd love to see something like that this year as well. Theres a few old classics Nintendo still has that they could work with, and probably a few aside from FZero and Earthbound that I forgot.
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Earthbound. Holy shit, do want!
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Earthbound is kind of hard since the developer said the series was over... sort of.

F-Zero is your best bet. This is a franchise that could easily get a new title... but never does.

Anyway, Nintendo has ton and tons of franchises. Wouldn't it be awesome to see a new Mole Mania?

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> Ocidental convention
> Anything Mother related on it

I'm sorry, the chances of this happening are ridiculously low. You saw how they ignored the fans begging for a Virtual Console release (there were some reports of it being impossible due to copyright laws, but I don't really believe it). F-Zero has a way bigger chance of being revived, but even that has been shot down recently by Nintendo. This E3...I don't really see them surprising anyone, so I'm not really excited...

(05-30-2012, 03:20 AM)Koopaul Wrote: Earthbound is kind of hard since the developer said the series was over... sort of.

There's this too. Apparently Mother 3 is the last one. Shigesato Itoi isn't even very related to games and game design.
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(05-29-2012, 02:06 AM)Koopaul Wrote: Oh geez just let someone like a game!

i'm really not comfortable with how many likes this post got by good people


here's what jason is saying in his own jason way
the game is bad; you've admitted it's shallow and dumb (it's dumb fun)
you can like the game all you want but you can still admit its bad

you can find enjoyment in a game like castlevania: lords of shadow but dont bring it up in conversations about Serious Game Design or This Is A Legitimately Best Title Ever™ lists


basically excited about uh
since konami crushed my dreams thanks guy
finding out what's going on with anarchy reigns, the new tomb raider and whatever capcom is going to ruin next
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I agree with skeletonguy here

just because you like a game it doesn't mean it's good. Also, imo no game is 100% bad. Even a terrible game might have interesting elements. Those elements are what caught your attention and that's why you hold it in high regards.

letting people like things is ok, but not acknowledging that it's bad is a dumb move.
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(05-28-2012, 04:18 PM)Captain Artebrock Wrote: DKC2, primarily because it has the better gameplay of the three original ones.

This. This so hard.

dkc2 is literally tthe ONLY game i've played through again because i liked it so much.

DKC2 really wanted you to explore with the new mechanics that Dixie brought to the game. like, you kind of miss DK after the first ten stages but then after playing as really don't after awhile

DKC3 has them, but...there's just something about DKC3

(05-28-2012, 06:58 PM)Koopaul Wrote: DKC3 certainly lacks in music, presentation, and layout. But it's mechanics were improved, barrel throwing was a little more accurate than the previous two, and jump control was slightly more fluid.

Like I said, the mechanics were more polished. But that doesn't make it a better game I suppose.
oh that's right - it shows the beginning of a downward spiral with Rareware. Rare had their occasional gem - Perfect Dark, DKC2, Killer Instinct, but after a while their games tend to get really...bland :/

there were additional gameplay elements added with Kiddy Kong but they only made it feel more like DKC 1.5. the character designs were also just plain horrible. there's no other way to put it. just horrible

you can't keep a straight face when you try to tell me that this
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is a well-designed alter ego for king k. rool


okay now for a relevant post

here's what i think what's gonna go down at e3:

nintendo shows another 3DS update. shows wii u redesign
- totes new features, such as skylanders-eque scanner using wii screen
- miyamoto comes out, unintelligible, smiling ear to ear as he presents the first firstparty title on wii u: pikmin 3, now with more casual controls
- new retro studios project, revealed for wii u
- shows off several third party 7th gen games being remade for wii u
- reggie tells crowd all about nintendo network and how great it is to "finally step into the dlc arena"
- talks about core games coming out "soon": probably the 2 square enix games right around the corner
- maybe just maybe announce new core games, such as Fire Emblem Awakening or the third of that JRPG trifecta on wii that everyone wants
- talks more about new super mario bros. 2, announces it as first downloadable full game for 3ds (we all know this already), discusses more full game dls such as rayman and cave story. talks about wii u receiving same function
- reveals release date for pokemon black & white 2
- iwata talks more shit and announces release date for new smash bros. game what sakurai has barely started on

reveals more details about smash bros clone: "battle royale all stars", reveals snake, drake, and cole, dlc characters
talks more about vita
a bunch of game trailers for core games we already know about

does a lot of things but ultimately ends up causing the entire crowd's eyeballs to get sore from rolling them too much as more stupid casual kinect ips are revealed with overacting
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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DKC2 is indeed the best DKC game

DKC felt really bland; it looked like an excuse to use the prerendered 3D sprites. DKC2 added a lot to the original's formula, added bonus that weren't silly rewards and a whole new hidden world, not to say interesting level scenery and stuff. I still get amazed with the ghost mansion, bee hives and the amusement park levels.

DKC3 actually expanded on DKC2's formula, but I think they lost the balance in that game. All those fetch quests and the increase in collectables started to annoy me. Still, it's better than the first game.
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So basically: play DKC2, leave the others for a rainy day. Got it Wink
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Oh no. Even if DKC2 is the best, the others are in no way bad games. You should still play them. They are extremely enjoyable.

Also Kosheh, while you can judge a game by its mechanics and gameplay and such, character design is entirely subjective.

I think all the Pokemon arguments prove that. I love the simplicity of the first gen, while other people love the complex Pokemon of later gen.

But no Pokemon design is better than the other. That depends on the person.

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