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i feel like starting this thread all over again because god people surely knows how to derail it.
this is fucking ridiculous

are you guys seriously sitting here and talking me down and insulting my own project over me just trying to possibly offer some advice?

talking shit about how i haven't finished anything and my opinions don't matter because i don't have a game out? are you fucking kidding me right now? has the community really just banded together in an effort to stoop so low to make personal attacks at someone for offering advice?

quite frankly i am really fucking offended right now in the least comedic way possible.

attn sengir:
i would like you to know that just because navigator isn't out yet does not mean that i suddenly do not have experience with game development. i know you aren't aware since you're not an artist, but being an artist for a video game is not just "draw thing, get paid."
there are tons of projects that i have worked on in the past that i have actually cooperated with the developer to change things about the games, and i work with very experienced developers who i have learned from and taking advice from.

i am actively working on games all of the time-- both my own projects and projects with other people, and for you to sit there and talk down to me, especially as someone i once worked with, is incredibly disappointing. i thought you were more mature than this but apparently i was wrong and i'm sorry for misjudging you like that.

attn vipershark:
i don't appreciate you giving me your shit either. i am incredibly appreciative for your support by paying for a preorder for navigator, and i would have loved to have the game out by now but guess what-- shit happens like this all of the time in the game development world, especially indie development. i'm sorry that i didn't predict any sort of hangup for my first commercial project ever, and i'm sorry that my programmer has been busy with other projects that are already paying him. welcome to the indie game development world. sometimes things don't work out properly but i am working on a solution for the problems that have surfaced. i plan to talk about it in a news post when i get a chance.

meanwhile, this little bit where i have "no business telling people what to do when i have no projects under my belt (which is false, by the way!)"
i simply gave some potential advice, considering that you guys are already working on a lot of projects. i don't understand why i am suddenly the worst fucking human being on this forum because i made a simple comment that i didn't say even had to be done. i think it's silly that you guys apparently need "reasons" for people to give advice. is this why criticism doesn't actually happen here? do peoples' opinions really not matter unless they are an absolute professional at what they're talking about?

quite frankly Cshad is the only fucking person who answered me without being grossly venomous for no god damn reason. i literally cannot believe the shit i read in this thread from you guys. it's unbelievable.

do whatever the hell you want. i said you could do that. i didn't imply you couldn't. this is ridiculous.
i was replying to this thread but then i realized it was The Thread right now, and i had the great idea of refreshing.
Holy shit where did those 4 pages come from.

now, really, i don't think "why don't you finish these other things before starting this thing" is an unreasonable suggestion.
both sides should just calm down a bit, yeah?
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let me weave you this fucking tale right now
tall man enters room, reads internet post. this isnt just any internet post, its a magical fucking wonderland of resentment and unbridled agression for like the scantest kickflip of a reason dude

like what is with you guys?? is this not the palace of fools (it is(its literally a palace of fools))
i work with tyvon on a lot of things and by that i mean i message him at 4am and he tells me what hes doing
that's like a fucking partnership right there let me tell you what (what)

a lot of you guys and imagine me saying that as ";yuise guise" in the most stereotypical new yorker accent (which youve never heard(because you nerds never go outside)) this dude

this freakin dude has more accomplished with one hand tied behind his gargantuan back than a lot of the forum has done as a collective group, and you want to come in and try to tell the actual professional in the room that he's wrong and doesn't do anything


im just ollieng out of this thread dudes
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Thinking of you, 
wherever you are.
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this thread
this thread
this thread
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hugbox are u zeemort
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(06-15-2012, 07:33 PM)LeleleleMAXIMUM Wrote: hugbox are u zeemort

(This isn't some weird form of insult I'm just answering the question)
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so yeah, that was me trying to properly encode some videos into my DS for the second time.

though i cant fix the sync
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Hm, I remember when this was the E3 thread.
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Stop, Koopaul.
Not necessary.
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* Kosheh grumbles

can you guys like not try to kill each other with words for once

i'd say that FE project is pretty neat and maybe i'm just being delightfully ignorant but i don't really see lexou doing too much of anything atm in terms of "game projects". maybe if gors posted it i'd say "yeah, don't spread yourself too thin m8" but tyvon, telling lexou he can't at least brainstorm for a future project seems a little

idk misdirected

sorta gleefully ignoring all the posts in the thread being as i only read the last 2 or 3 pages

it's like you guys totally forgot that tyvon's actually done work for actual companies
like nicalis

i'm not saying "tyvon is pro. worship him like a spriting god" but he does have legit experience. just because one game's not out yet because of things he can't control (like his programmer not wanting to do a thing and actually getting paid doing another thing etc.) doesn't make him suddenly a hypocrite - life happens.
likewise if i recall tyvon, like snoop dogg comes up with FuNkY AsS sHyT like every single day, but ofc tyvons plate is quite full and like

he doesn't spread himself too thin by actively working on every project =w=;
though to be fair, tyvon does most of the sprite work AND is the producer of most of his titles while Gors kinda just collaborates with everybody, so Gors doesn't actually do the hard stuff

totally not trying to undermine tyvon or anyone else so pardon me if my post is PIGHEADED or SLANDEROUS

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! refs
shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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