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Gaming Lounge - Koopaul - 05-22-2012

E3 2012 is only 2 weeks away and I'm surprised no one has started a thread like this one yet! Well I'm sick of waiting!

Yup now let's talk about our hopes and predictions.

-New game based off of "Battle Mii" demo for Wii U
In the past Nintendo has turned many of their demos into full fledged games. Remember that Super Mario 128 demo? That eventually because Pikmin and other games. It's quite possible the Metroid-like "Battel Mii" game that was playable at last years E3 will actually be a real game! It may become a new Metroid game, or maybe a new Star Fox game! I doubt it will be a fusion of both like that rumor says.

-Retro Studios' new Yoshi game for Wii U
A while back we learned that Retro Studios was hiring artists that were able to do a watercolor style. My theory is that they are working on a new Yoshi game. That's right, Yoshi seems like the right franchise for that style. It's been such a long since Yoshi has a had a console game of his own. I think it's about time don't you?

-Pokedex 3D Update
They will announce that the update for the Pokedex 3D will be available soon... or right now!

-New Wii U exclusive Sonic game
Probably won't be shown during the press conference, or maybe just mentioned. But I bet there will be a playable demo there. Sega said they were excited for Sonic on the Wii U. They might have something to show us this year.

-Playable NSMB2 demo for 3DS
A demo of the nearly completed game.

-New Super Mario Bros. Mii will be a full game
We all saw this one coming.

-Wii U/3DS connections will be demonstrated
Shown through a fake title or a real one.

-Lot's of 3rd Party titles for Wii U
Nintendo sure seems excited to show off their 3rd party support this time around. Expect a bunch of ports though.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Garamonde - 05-22-2012

I would love to see a true Yoshi's Story 2.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Koopaul - 05-22-2012

I want to see more of a hybrid between Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story.

Yoshi doesn't have a baby to care for like in Yoshi's Story, but it's just as long and difficult as Yoshi's Island was.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - alexmach1 - 05-22-2012

i want halo 4 to be a success, but after hearing some of 343's decisions i am starting to doubt their judgement.

also, blind wish: halo 4 makes a PC release
new Legend of Zelda game with new epic items instead of remixed past items
starcraft 2: HotS new content and shiz
CoD black ops 2 shown, maybe better than black ops 1

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Chaoxys - 05-22-2012

Although I don't doubt that NSMBMii will eventually be a real game, I don't expect to see it at this E3, mainly because it seems odd to essentially be showing what would be the same game twice. I think if they do show a WiiU Mario game, it will be the next 3D entry, that way we have the next 2D and the next 3D (If I'm not mistaken, since the N64, every 3D nintendo system has had a 3D Mario at or near launch).

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - redblueyellow - 05-23-2012

I'm hoping to see some more information about the new Super Smash Bros. game, I think I remember seeing somewhere that Sakurai mentioned working on the game after the release of Kid Icarus Uprising.

Any video game news is better than no news though, I always look forward to it each year. Smile Also one of my close friends just got his E3 registration approved, so I'll be keeping updated a bit more than usual.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - puggsoy - 05-23-2012

I saw "2012 Predictions and Theories" before "E3" and thought this was about the alleged apocalypse in December.

I can't say that I'm hoping for much, mostly because I don't really play that many brand-new games. A NSMB2 demo would be cool to see though, to see exactly how different it is.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Mutsukki - 05-23-2012

That Retro Studio game is rumored to be a Star Fox crossover with Metroid, so I guess a Yoshi game is probably not what they're going to show.

I would usually get excited about E3, but this year's looking kinda weak. even with WiiU and all, I feel like we won't be seeing many games.

Well I guess Sony's Smash Bros will be there. And uh...Xbox stuff I dunno. I can't really predict or hope for anything ahahaha.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Koopaul - 05-23-2012

Yeah because a Star Fox Metroid crossover is more likely than a Yoshi game.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - ~Axis~ - 05-23-2012

I don't think there will be a demo for a sonic game for the Wii U. I sure hope they mention something though... Smile

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Goemar - 05-23-2012

I'm guessing a Wii U conference with nothing too exciting, a terrible Microsoft one with more Kinect grab. Sony will have Super Smash Sony and God of War and anything else they have will be leaked about 2 days before the show if we don't already know about it.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Koopaul - 05-23-2012

Geez not too hopeful are we?

Nintendo has been releasing some pretty good games these past two years so I'm pretty excited.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Dazz - 05-23-2012

I'm going to assume that Microsoft and Sony will discuss mostly how their online services are going to improve with films, and crap like that.
Wii U will be the only thing shown by Nintendo, maybe a little 3DS, but it's going to be pretty much all about how awesome the Wii U is.

I suspect that Sony will have some sort of technical fault on stage which will become a meme.

I assume Microsoft will hire a bunch of kids to sell their Kinect crap as usual.

Nintendo will as usual be the best of the show, without showing anything I care for.

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Goemar - 05-23-2012

I think me and Dazz have became grumpy old men

RE: E3 2012 Predictions and Theories - Chaoxys - 05-23-2012

I think Nintendo will do fine. We already know that we will be seeing something from Retro which is obviously a good thing. We will also most likely be seeing more from Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario, NSMB2, and Animal Crossing. Also, we will most likely be seeing Pikmin 3 based on what Nintendo said about it.