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Love is in the air! (tSR Valentine's Event)
Since names haven't been sent yet, I'd like to drop out of the event.

My work schedule changed and I'll have a lot less free time now, and it wasn't like I was going to finish 3 gifts anyway.

edit- At the very least, if I don't drop, there's absolutely NO way that I can guarantee three gifts. I'll try to work on one, but I don't know if I'll be able to even do that.
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Since vipershark would like to drop out, I'd like to sign up. I somehow missed this topic
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I-i-is it too late to join this!?
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Also, when are we going to find out who we are making cards for? Or did I misunderstand and that's not how this event works?
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im grounded until March so I cant make one sorry
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Sengir's on limited internet access in California so I have no idea what's going on with this event. This one's not on my hands, boys.
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I would very much like to join
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so um
what happened to this
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sengir went out of town and had no internet access
he was running the event
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Yeah, my dad's cousin has lung cancer and has a couple weeks left.
After we left he decided "fuck it, I'm not gonna go out with a whimper" and drove to Laughlin, Nevada. Now he's partying while he still can.

He was awesome to hang out with at reunions, too :/
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