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Shit how did I not see this yet ?! Well, apparently, I'm just in time.
So yeah, sign me up.

I like :
- Manta rays (my ref is in my sig)
- Thunder, Lightning, anything electricity related.
- Stylish poses
- Music instruments, Bass guitars in first place
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Kachua (Secret Santa) ; and some more that i need to locate, save and link onto here
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I'd like to participate.

Things I like:
Obscure enemies EDIT: Specifically, "Enemies that no-one remembers or cares about. Like.. Snifit (Mario.) Or Acchi (Kirby.) Or... well, you get the idea. "
Pecan pies
RPGs (games, not guns)
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(11-20-2010, 06:47 PM)BynineB Wrote: Obscure enemies

[Image: FmY9K.jpg]

you really should, because, well.. y'know.
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Enemies that no-one remembers or cares about. Like.. Snifit (Mario.) Or Acchi (Kirby.) Or... well, you get the idea.
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Sign me up for this shit.

Considering my school term ends in two weeks and then I have three weeks afterwards to do whatever I want, so then I can definitely do something.

And hopefully I'll get something from my partner this year BUT THAT'S BEYOND THE POINT

I like Halo. A lot. Because I'm a sir like that.
And Team Fortress 2.
But I'd prefer something with my ref, hehhhhh (BUT IF YOU COULD COMBINE THESE THREE THINGS, I will love you forever *4ever*)

Oh and Pokemon. Stone Golem in fifth gen owns.

man my taste in video games is varied

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Definitely in. I'm a fan of pixels, my ref of course, Winter, Indie games, etc.
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Everyone keeps asking me to so I guess maybe I'll try. I mean what's getting banned for awhile anyway

I like Mega Man, especially the X series but I like all of them, Shadow of the Colossus, sheep, windmills, pokemon, kirby, phoenix wright, marvel vs capcom (even if I suck at it), fur fighters, power stone, bakuman, and kraft easy mac.
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im in

i like
mario - a new power-up for mario in MLBIS sprite form
pokemon - rip me some pokemon black and white tiles
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Ho ho ho! Alrighty, folks, today's the last day to sign up for the Secret Santa! Please, don't miss out! Even if you are hesitant about your time constraints, don't worry- we can work something out!

Ho ho ho!

[Image: christmas-tree-main_full.jpg]

Ho ho ho! The Secret Santa is underway, get crackin', my elves!
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fret thanks for signing me up for me!!! (not) but w/e I'll expand on what he said

I like:
-film noir
-video games: the mega man and mega man x series, snatcher, shadow of the colossus, team fortress 2, no more heroes, god hand, viewtiful joe, and ogre battle
-music: jazz/big band, underground hip-hop, and chiptunes
-giant robots
-I really like painted-looking colors so if you're drawing me something and using color and can do that go ahead and do that!! cel-shading is still cool though
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(11-23-2010, 08:08 PM)SpaceLugia22 Wrote: im in

i like
mario - a new power-up for mario in MLBIS sprite form
pokemon - rip me some pokemon black and white tiles

Jesus that's specific

Doesn't that take away the surprise and the fun for the other person?
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Well the first post did say you can ask for something.

Don't expect sprite sheets or rips though. This is an art-trade event. You'll like what you get.
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Thanks to Pik and Solink; they are sexy people. Heart
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Going to try and spare some free time towards this.

I'm in,

Anything Nintendo
Little Big Planet
Modnation Racers
Metal Gear
Red Dead Redemption
Ninja Gaiden

Older Disney movies (example Aladan)
Ren and Stimpy
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Lupin III
Ed, Edd, Eddy
Samurai Jack
Iron Giant

Other Things:

Take your pick out of all of them, I'd list more but I'd thought I'd go for the most important ones since I'm in a rush.
I'd add a new picture into my signature but unfortunately I got nothing recent.

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Oh god last minute interjection. Count me in.

I like: Video games (Touhou, Mega Man, No More Heroes 1&2, Cave Story, and Mega Man Zero. Maybe some Legend of Zelda), TV shows / movies (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, anything relating to James Bond), Music (Technotrance, Chiptunes, Hard Rock, Power/Death/Heavy Metal, Lady Gaga), and Homestuck
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