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Nobody would mind if this newfag signed up, right? (That means I'm in.)

Keitarr [kee-tar] (My fan character, no ref pics at the moment, he is like a humanoid swordfish, but a key for head. Wears a formal suit and headphones. May draw him up again in a bit.)
I am very passionate about music, Hip Hop, Punk, Metalcore, etc.
Videogames, favorite atm being MINECRAFT. Borderlands is pretty close.
I am kind of greedy about money... Smile.
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Oh hey

Oh well what do I like.
I suppose everyone around here knows my little blue robot thing.
Videogames. Mostly Nintendo stuff. Legend of Zelda and whatever.
Super Mario mushrooms.
Little boys.
Furry porn.
Cute stuff.

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i like Scott Pilgrim, Nedroid, pokemon and similar monster collector shit, 80's/90's cartoons like tmnt and street sharks, 2d fighting games, shmups, ridiculously exaggerated fantasy epics, equally exaggerated anime fights, sentai of any form, kung fu flicks, Legend of Zelda series, Mario series, zombie apocalypse shit

hold on, i'll get a better ref up
[Image: ZRdfkWQ.jpg]
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yo, sign me up

my favourite games are Viewtiful Joe, Megaman X/Zero series', okami, psychonauts, monkey island, and cave story
my favourite shows are kamen rider, doctor who, tengen toppa gurren lagann, gunbuster, mystery science theater 3000
my favourite movies are Blade Runner, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, Back to the Future part 1, the Dark Knight
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Im in

Here's my ref

I'd be happy with anything.
this is a sig

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oh yeah btw i am going to enter

i like inazuma eleven and anything else level-5, megaman, myself, most nippon ichi games and final fantasy.
(11-18-2010, 08:11 AM)Previous Wrote: Oh well what do I like.

Little boys.
Furry porn.

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(11-17-2010, 09:30 PM)Solink Wrote: I'm in :]
I like everything that is about Punch-Out!!
Especially Glass Joe, Little Mac, Doc Louis, Bald Bull and Masked Muscle
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Count me in.

My interests include:
My ref (here or here)
Video games (Mario series predominantly, but also a fan of a bunch of old Namco games)
Math (though I'm not sure how one would work that in)
Music, primarily for piano.
Currently ripping ???, Submissions: 37
Ref 1 - Ref 2 - Human Ref + Ref 3
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I guess I can partcipate

Video Games (some favorites): Ghouls n' Ghosts, Pokemon Black/White, Sonic 3, Gradius, Paper Mario, Silent Hill 2, Link's Awakening, Dragon Warrior Monsters.
I love most sodas
I like cartoons, anime and manga: Zatch Bell, Full Metal Alchemist, Flapjack, Chowder, Samurai Jack, Avatar: tLAB, TMNT.
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I'd be way into a slice of Secret Santa

It'd be swell if the person who gets me could do something involving my interests in
Jet Force Gemini
and Jazz
[Image: fFrame1Big.gif][Image: Frame1Big.gif]
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I'm in.

Assassin's Creed.
Assassin's Creed.
ME2 Garrus.
Assassin's Creed.
And I guess anything involving Jedi.
[Image: FmY9K.jpg]

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Sign me up, I've been waiting for this‼

Things I like:
•Azumanga Daioh (Really only this guy)**
•MY REF (Which can be seen here)****
•Mammon (This little guy)
•Adventure Time*
•Totoro (and Miyazaki in general)

Will add more before the date the partners go out~!
[Image: OH4K4jX.gif] [Image: R7WBBzo.gif] [Image: TsJpssj.gif]
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I am going to participate.

If Father Christmas is competent enough NOT TO FORGET ADDING ME IN THE LIST like Jack

Throwing everything I like:
  • Treasure games, principally Mischief Makers and Gunstar Heroes
  • Pixel art
  • My refs, Gilbert, Batterina and Gamegirl (the small pixel sigs I have)

that is all c:
Spriter Gors】【Bandcamp】【Twitter】【YouTube】【Tumblr】【Portifolio
If you like my C+C, please rate me up. It helps me know I'm helping!
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I would like to join!!

MY INTERESTS, I have tons of interests that I'd love being drawn/pixelled/painted, so here are them:

My favorite characters (I know a lot of them are drawn weirdly, I'm gonna redraw them sometime later) and also Tetsuwan Atom/Astroboy
Klonoa, Klonoa, Klonoa and Klonoa
And of course, my characters! Which, a drawing of either of them is what I'd love the most! There are tons of references to them so that you can have several interpretations so that you can base on to do your own!

This is the newest reference of him, but it's not coloured and finished, so have these too:
first reference of him (don't like it much because of his ears, look too mouse-ish)
a painting of his face
THE CUTEST FUCKING THING that my friend drew for me ;o;

my main reference of him 1
my main reference of him 2
first reference of him
bunch of really awesome interpretations of him (and of other characters of other people)

Also, my favorite games are Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, Kirby's SuperStar, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Cave Story, Astroboy: Omega Factor, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3. My favorite music band is Capsule, hands down.

WHEW. Gosh, I take a long time writing my interests. I love receiving gifts a little bit too much I guess. :I
I promise though to the person that I'll be getting on this secret santa that I'll work real hard on your gift C:
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I'm on it then.

keywords for stuff i like(besides women):
-Science Fiction

Stuff i don't like
-Big tits

i'd say i'm into cyberpunk and steampunk but barely enough people do get the concept on how to do that so if i was you i would avoid it unless you feel competent enough to try.
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