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(06-25-2011, 03:46 AM)MRSKELETON Wrote: it's okay, i've seen some of the stuff you've been working on inbetween and it's awesome

do you ever stop working?

Probably not, you'd have to be more specific though.

On the comic in particular you mean?
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i just mean in general
but also yeah your work output is amazing, it's weird that PTTG isn't more popular
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Well, the fact that I sometimes go on a month-long hiatus helps there.

Truth to be told, I think the style I got going for the latest pages might help me a lot with fixing that problem though, I'm easily capable of producing more than 1 page a day, whereas I was severely struggling with keeping up the pace before.

If all goes well I plan on working towards an enormous buffer when my summer vacation starts, to ensure that I never have to go into a hiatus of considerable lenght again.

I think if I can manage to get that done, the consistent updates alone will increase the comic's popularity alone.
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just don't get too internet famous for tsr
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wherever you are.
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Hahahahah if only I could.
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I don't know if this would be considered as a necropost, but I just wanted to say I spent my day reading this story of yours, and...
I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters' designs, their personalities, the plot... and from p.182 (Burk:"Here it begins"), I was really impressed as most of it shifted into full pixel-art.
Seeing this story evolve through several years, seeing how you tweaked, experimented with it is really interesting.

Now for my point of view on this: I thought that smoothening out the 2xsprites like on p.251 (Noah:"Eloy's quest for love and spanking") was a great idea, and I'd like to see it used when the characters are relatively big in the frame, like on p.257 (Tobi:"A party about to get started"), except more in the context of the second panel of p.183 (Burk:"The plan #1"), for example.

Personally, I don't like your recent decision from p.257 onwards to make most of the sprites smaller, and the backgrounds seem more empty and less interesting than before. I feel as if there's been a loss in comparison with the previous strips because of that. I think you probably did this for convenience, and I can understand if finding the time to do this can be an issue, but I have to say, I preferred the larger sprites by far!
Fortunately, between p.257 and 267, I think a good step forwards was to reintroduce portrait sprites to convey expression more effectively.

That being said, my favourite part for now of this marvellous piece of work is Burk's side of the story in the castle. The characters' reduxes amazed me, the scenery and props were great, and it was the most climactic part of the story yet.

All in all, I just want to say well done for making such an entertaining comic, and being able to persevere over the years!
I was so used to clicking to see the next page, that when I reached page 291 and couldn't get any further, it didn't dawn on me that it could've been the last update.
I'm also interested in how you work on this: what do you do first, how do you organize your work, etc?

I'm looking forward to what happens next! Smile
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p. 287 is a broken link Sad
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(09-15-2010, 04:04 PM)GaryASPG Wrote: anyway i do like your art style and you're probably the only person who can do a pixel art comic well

have you ever read spritescape?
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You might want to look at post dates there buddy.
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