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Full Version: Why did you choose your username?
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Let's hear your stories.
Well, this one came out of the blue.

Since it's here, though, I will let you know that "E-Man" is actually a nickname I came up with years ago. I started using it as my online identity when I attempted to start my web life as a sprite comic creator. Since then, I've used the user name on practically every site I've been to (with some instances of it having a 276 when I can't use the original name).
oh, why didn't this thread happen earlier

a long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the internet i had an ORIGINAL CHARACTER (OC) named Koshi. Koshi Skylyte. He was SO CREATIVE.
When I was really young (i'm talkin 6 yeah he existed then) he was a rAiNbOw yoshi, because of course a rainbow yoshi could use every SMW yoshi power at the same time so he was extra mighty cool, and reeked of mary sue.
Then, after realizing that this character was shit and so mary sue (but it didnt have a name back then) he became was a blue Yoshi (the cyan one with the purple shoes in yoshi's story)

I never really grew out of that until high school (yikes) when I got into Advance Wars. But I needed to recreate myself and not be a stupid Yoshi because Yoshi was stupid. ):


koshi? koshay?

oh kosheh



then the rest was history

damn what a boring history huh
My username is pretty simple

When I was a toddler, during playtime, I accidentally stepped on our pet border collie's testicles

Which, as I can assume you are aware, was quite painful for the dog

So he jumped up and bit me. On the face. Like the nose area

I was taken to the hospital and my nose was reattached; It wasn't torn clean off, but being as small as I was, It was a bit.. floppy?

So ever since then I have had a scar across the bridge of my nose, to this very day

And to reattach my nose, they used Seven Stitches.

Don't remember when I started using Sevenstitch as my handle, but the first one I ever used back in middle school, and for some time after
was GalagaLoser, because I like the game Galaga, and I"m pretty terrible at it
I was wondering if your username had something to do with Yoshi, Kosheh, so now I know.

I did have thoughts on remaining E-Man (as in my character) as a Mario enemy or something similar, but I thought better of it to remain series neutral.

By the way, Kosheh, I know this is rather unlikely, but have you ever heard of a large Mario fan site by the name of Lemmy's Land?
On Smash Bros 64, every time I picked Luigi I always thought the announcer was saying "New-igi!", then sometime later, I was signing up to MFGG, and I wanted to come up with something quick, so I put New and Weegee(I watched too much Youtube Poop) together to make it sound like New-igi, and there you have it!
(01-15-2014, 12:19 PM)E-Man Wrote: [ -> ]By the way, Kosheh, I know this is rather unlikely, but have you ever heard of a large Mario fan site by the name of Lemmy's Land?

I've never been to it until literally 20 seconds ago after typing it into my browser, but the name sounded really familiar.

I was actually one of the pioneer members of a big AOL-based Yoshi community when I was younger, and you guys might have heard of one of the sites that spawned from it... Luna's Neo Yoshi Aurorium.

Yes, THAT Neo Yoshi Aurorium.

i inadvertently helped spawn one of the earliest shitholes of the internet, HELP

it's really, really depressing because i knew almost all the moderators and admins posting there on a near-personal level, and then i see this and i'm like

how did you guys never grow out of this
lol I remember running into some Luna-goers at the Yoshilore forums a couple times (the once or twice I actually visited those forums)

My name came from... I don't remember whether it was starsock or vipershark, but one of them mentioned the similarity of hairstyle between Ritsu in K-On and my ref (then named "Kiti").

The end.
Sounds legit, Kosheh. From what I've heard, that seems to be the story for some of the Mario fan communities I stumbled upon.

For Lemmy's Land, my official first visit to the web site came through Big Mouth's Fort (it's a very small site and it's likely that it doesn't exist anymore). I saw Hip (AKA Lemmy) talking about a site all about him, but when I clicked on the link, I ended up in his little "trap."

I stayed around to look at all the comics on the web site, but when I got into the interviews and "Fun" Fictions, I had to make my mark with a fan fiction and interviews of my own. While I did get some popularity for my E-Man and Doopliss interview show, my real claim to fame on the web site was a story called Mario & Luigi: The Trip Across Nintendo Land.

By the way, Kosheh, I don't know if you would be surprised by this, but I'm not the only frequent user of the VG Resource who started out on Lemmy's Land.
A long long time ago, back when the automobile was invented (well, actually not that long ago), I got curious about Pokemon. Soon I discovered the Pokemon Database and found Wailord, and eventually it became my favourite Pokemon. So there it was - Wailord. Just chuck in an l, switch things around and you get Lord Whale (sound from Lord Wail). So that's why my username is Lord Whale, the Float Whale Pokemon. Not that complicated really, and as a bonus, it matches my avatar.
One of the few GD forum subjects that always hold my interest

so time to make my obligatory post even though half of you already know where mine comes from

TLDR version: There's an anime called Bomberman Jetters and one of the main characters is named Mighty. So, Mighty + Jetters. Yea.
Nick + Nintendo DS
That's it.
I refuse to upgrade to 3DS. I am happy the way I am! I'm classic, nya!
I wanted something to stand out among the xXxMasterNoobSlayer1337xXx's on Xbox Live, and I just kind of rolled with it from there.
As a lot of people here probably know by now, Puggsy is my favourite game ever. A couple of years ago I had to make a Google account to make a Blogger blog for school. "puggsy" was already taken, so I just added an O. Later I started using it for all of my online accounts, explicitly keeping it lowercase Tongue
So yeah, "EpicEbilninja"...

Many years ago, I really couldn't think of a good username to use on some random website, so I panicked and typed the first two words I could think of, "ebil" and "ninja".

The ebil was from Zorbak, who was my favorite character in the game "Adventure Quest" which I played way too much when I was little. Zorbak said the word ebil a lot...
I used "ninja" in my username because back then, I liked ninjas...
Years later when I was signing up for another random website, somebody already had the name EbilNinja so I panicked again and added the word Epic to my username.

And that's how I got the name "EpicEbilninja"

I really need to think of a better name...
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