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Full Version: Gussprint's Submissions - Take III
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That's right, people! I'm back! After a period of hiatus, Gussprint's "Sprite rip Central" re-opens the doors to new pixelated horizons, bringing to you the latest sprites from games familiar and obscure alike.

As for the previous threads, some of the stuff in the rips may look slightly different from the original, but quality rips are always a 100% guarantee. And again, there may be a chance where some custom sprites signed from yours truly will be added into the mix.
And now, get ready to JUMP INTO THE PIXELS!!

Quote:[Image: slugnoid_icon.png] <-- 05/28
Super Vehicle Extra Type 15D "Slugnoid" ["Metal Slug" series]

[Image: misc_thisspace4rent.gif]

And with that outta the way, LET THE CHAOS (Re)BEGIN!!!
welcome back Guss
EXCELLENT! You are back, my friend who I admire so much. I hope you get back to the Metal Slug series with the same vigor as before. I'd say more but right now I'm trying to rip sprites from the FF1 PSP release, you know, the one with the bigger class sprites and the bigger more detailed monster sprites? Yeah that. Damn compression...

Seriously, keep up the awesome Metal Slug work. You're pretty much my only hope for obtaining sprites from that series.
Ah, yes... It is indeed September 18th today, isn't it? Why am I asking this, you'll see in a bit, but now... NEW SHEET!! And one updated! Go, identity cards, and show what we have in store today!

For today's new sheet, we have...
Rebellion BeastMachine Unit °003 - Gorilla-Mech(Metal Slug 7)
...Yeah, way to be original in naming stuff, Gussprint. And yeah, no demo animation... yet.

Anyway, this mechanized beast comes from Metal Slug 7, specifically from Mission 4: The Waterfall. And let me tell you this: if ripping this thing was hard... I fear how it's going to turn out when I'll tackle the KRAKEN.
Seriously though, it wasn't easy.

All tiles are in place, and the sheet includes everything(To my knowledge) present in the data. With the exception of that wall sprite behind the waterfall SFX, because of... various problems.
Before I forget, special(Really) thanks to esreveR for the huge laser beam SFX. Hope you don't mind, mate.

And now, for the updated sheet. Drumroll, please.
Ami(Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - Kaznapped!!)
[Image: animopcami.gif] <--Check "Cute" on the dictionary and you may find her picture right beside the word.

It has recently occured to me that Ami's sheet was missing even more sprites than I thought. Namely, notice how her sprites change in World 4-1?
At first I thought they were simply add-ons for her "Bikini" fashion sprites, but it turns out the two are actually different. Needless to say, this update includes said sprites(As well as the various damage/air gauge "degrees"), and also has a few other things...

-Some of the sprites in the sheet have been fixed/polished a bit.
-There's a couple of animations that have been edited to fit the rest of the sprites.
-The "Misc." section now also includes Ami's pixelarts in the game... or most of 'em, at least.

And as a bit of trivia, I've actually updated the sheet a couple of days ago. I simply waited for today(Which according to her Wikipedia page, is real-life Ami Onuki's birthday...) to finalize and submit the final product.
...G-get yer mind outta the gutter, AY?!?Embarassed I-it was j-just my virtual s-self's idea!!

...But um, seriously, first post for the sheets as always, you know the drill. And uh, please 'gnore my line back there.
BUMP! And double post, I know. What do I got to say about it, you ask? Weeeelllll, there's a new sheet up.

Warp Tubes(Metal Slug 3)
[Image: animms3warptubein.gif] <-- *Warp pipe sound*Hey, did I miss anything?
(Animation SO NOT going at intended speed.)

First seen in Metal Slug 3, one can quickly warp to another place using these things... There's quite a few of these around, one's got to wonder how extended their network range is(I'm probably using the wrong term here...).

This sheet includes pretty much all frames and variants fresh from the tile data(From Metal Slug 7, that is), and also has the "manhole" included, just for the heck of it. There's even the variant from Mission 4 in it!
...Why is it in MS7's tiles and what's with the second spriteset of that variant(Since it appeared only in the wine cellar area and, to my knowledge, there's no trace of an "OUT" version afterwards) is beyond me, really. First post as always, people.
BUMP! AND THREE POSTS IN A ROW!! ...Yikes, people.
Seriously, almost a month and nothing new. Time to rectify that, I say! NEW SHEET AND TWO UPDATES, YO~!
Let's check the ID cards, shall we?

For today's new stuff...
Hydrofoil Unit(Metal Slug 5)
[Image: animms5hydrofoilunit.gif] <-- *MEEP-MEEP!!*Outta the way, man! Comin' through!

Hydrofoils... the boat's equivalent of jetskis. These guys appear in Mission 1(After the first half), and will try to stop you by shooting missiles. Not much to say here, except the sheet has all animations ready and accounted for.
Also, let's see if you can guess what frame of the rider's "Defeat" anim is not really from the game(Read: Extra frame).

And now, the updated sheets. You may've noticed in my rips of the BG objects from Missions 2 and 3(From MS7), that there's something missing. This update now has the background turrets from each respective mission(The dual turret in Mission 2, Area 3, and the big turret from Mission 3, Area 2) with "all" of the sprites in place.

Before you ask, yeah, the muzzle flash for the turret in Mission 3 is missing. It's tiles are a bit of a pain to assemble, but hopefully I'll get around to it soon.
And yeah, the big rolling shell(Yes, THAT big rolling shell) hasn't been ripped yet... for now.

First post for the sheets as usual, guys. And yes I know, huge bump... sorry?
Don't worry about bumping your topics if you have new submissions, Gussprint. And keep up the good work with your submissions, too! Big Grin
Bump, yo~! There's a new sheet in here, people! Here's the ID card.

World Hub - Environmental Objects(Sonic Advance 3)
[Image: animsa3finalbossring.gif] <-- From classic to Eggman-Brand, get your ring portals today!
(That sucked, I know. *Sweatdrop*)

Y'allo, a sheet from Sonic Advance 3! Just a little something to prepare the ground for bigger stuff.
To my knowledge, there's yet to be seen a complete sheet of the World Hub's BG objects. With that in mind, I've compiled a sheet with roughly all the stuff in the hub(Act entrances, bonus/boss capsules, you name it). Also included as a bonus is that certain Chao-like robot maaaaany of you'd like to see dead.
...C'mon, admit you'd like to. Don't deny it.

If there's anything that's missing, give a shout and I'll get right on it. And remember, this is just setting the stage for another rip in progress. First post as always, people.

On a random note, Halloween is drawing close. Better get the Jack-O-Lanterns ready... or just settle down to watch some horror movies.
Nice job!
BUMP! New sheet dead ahead... and one that took less than I figured it would, even. Where's the ID card at?

Ivy Plant(Metal Slug 7)
[Image: animms7ivyplant.gif] <-- You don't wanna get near this without a weapon. Or a Slugnoid.

Ah yeah, those little creeps... looks like the Man-Eaters've got some competition, if you ask me.
But anyway, those who used to look up and watch out for some tentacles in Mission 4 should recognize these. Not much to say here, except all animations, SFX and assembly pieces are all set. Also has the bomb's flashing palettes, even.
Decided to leave the BG color in the tiles, for the heck of it(And for easy access, maybe?). And yes, the demo anim has the tentacles missing... actually no. It's just hiding them in its "stem", the crafty cretin.

As always, first post for the sheet. And before anyone asks, the joke in the credit tag(Tag pic area) is another jab at the VAing in MS3D... at which point we can all agree that I have some weird ideas, if you ask me.
Very nice!
look scary Surprise
Hello, what do we have here? A new spritesheet, you say? Yup, a background sheet, even. ID card coming right up!

Stage A# - City Street(Rockman 2 - The Power Fighters)
Well, why not? I had an idea to rip some stuff from that game some time ago, so why not start with backgrounds?

Anyway, this is the city stage from the second Rockman arcade game. Didn't take as long as I expected it to be(All in a day's work!), even by including all three variants. Then again, there isn't as much going on in this stage than in some other ones...
...Looking at you, Skull Castle arena.

"Numbered"(So stretchin' the definition here) it as stage A#, just for the heck of it. ...Actually, I think there was a reason.
Oh well, first post as usual, people. Enjoy!
I don't think we have a Power Fighters section yet. Care to supply us with a screenshot? Big Grin
(11-10-2009, 01:43 PM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think we have a Power Fighters section yet. Care to supply us with a screenshot? Big Grin

Here ya go. Best one I could get(No, really).

[Image: rmpfsectioniconjpn.png]
Why did I pick Blues for this screenshot again?

Took me a while to get a good screenshot... and then I end up with this. Hope it's gonna work.

[Image: rmpfsectioniconus.png]
And a version for the US of A. In case you wanna go with the "overseas" version.

Just for the record, I've got some more BG rips from the game, along with some from its CPS1 prequel, about to get ripped and submitted. A little something until I finish up a tilerip of another MS7 boss.
...Which one, you say? Well, it has two forms(Which are fought on the same mission by the way), and it looks like a giant... well, the term "squid" sounds a bit reductive, don't you think?

First one to guess it gets a cookie. And dibs to confirm that I've gone utterly, irredeemably crazy.
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