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Full Version: redblueyellow's submissions
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Check the daily updates for my added sheets. Smile

DS Ripping Guide

photobucket , minus , imageshack , mediafire , old thread

models , sounds , textures

-Some random games

Later (in no particular order):
-You'll find out sooner or later Tongue

Also, if you have any games you would like to see ripped from, shoot me a PM and I'll see if I can help!
I'm really busy right now, so unfortunately I'm going to stop accepting requests.
Good to see you back.
I think Spinda Cafe needs to be re-posted,it's not on the site.
I need a section tag for PMD3 before I can put it up.

Also, wicked rip!

Interesting fact! Muk is one of 2 Pokémon with only 3 letters in the name (at least, until 151, dunno about after that)
Yup. Muk and Mew, shortest Pokemon names of all.

Anyways, awesome rip.
Nidoran (male), Nidorino, and Nidoking added 5/28:

[Image: nidorannidorinoandnidokingicon.png]

Also, I should have a PMD3 section tag up soon.
Top stuff!! Big Grin
Ponyta and Rapidash added 5/29:

[Image: pontyaandrapidashicon.png]
Nice nice nice!! Big Grin
Kabuto, Kabutops, and Zangoose edit added 5/30:

[Image: kabutoandkabutopsicon.png][Image: zangooseicon-1.png]

Just missed the other attack for zangoose.
Kabutops is my fav ancient pokemon!!!!
Nice updates Smile
Weren't you going to rip the starters a long time ago? Just asking.
Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot added 6/1:

[Image: pidgeypidgeottoandpidgeoticon.png]
Nice nice nice!