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Hello, since I didn't see any thread about any Pokémon Diamond and Pearl ripping map project, I decided to create one.
If anyone wants to help me, then you"re welcome to.
In this ripping project, I'll try to rip as much Pokémon Diamond and Pearl version sprites.
When someone will discover the code for 2D sprites in Pokémon Platinum version, I might rip some sprites that are only in Pokémon Platinum such as the Battle Frontier.
And maybe one day, after I ripped most of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl's map, I will try to do the same with Pokémon Heart Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver version.

Cities And Towns:
[Image: twinleaftown.png] [Image: sandgemtown.png] [Image: jubilivecity.png] [Image: orebughcity.png] [Image: floaramatown.png] [Image: eternacity.png] [Image: hearthomecity.png] [Image: solaceontown.png] [Image: veilstonecity.png] [Image: pastoriacity.png] [Image: celestictown.png] [Image: canalavecity.png] [Image: snowpointcity.png] [Image: sunyshorecity.png]

» Route 201:
» Route 202:
» Route 203:
» Route 204:
» Route 205:
» Route 206:
» Route 207:
» Route 208:
» Route 209:
» Route 210:
» Route 211:
» Route 212:
» Route 213:
» Route 214:
» Route 215:
» Route 216:
» Route 217:
» Route 218:
» Route 219:
» Route 220:
» Route 221:
» Route 222:
» Route 223:

Inside of the gyms:
» Oreburgh City's gym:
» Eterna City's gym:
» Hearthome City's gym:
» Veilstone City's gym:
» Pastoria City's gym:
» Canalave City's gym:
» Snowpoint City's gym:
» Sunyshore City's gym:


» Valley Windwork:
» Eterna Forest:
» Fuego Ironworks:
» Pokémon League:
» Trophy Garden:
» Spear Pillar:
» Pastoria Great March:
» New Moon Island:
» Fullmoon Island:
» Fight Area:
» Resort Area:
» Battle Tower:
Wait what? Yeah it'd be nice if those were rippable, but that game is 3d. You could rip the sprites I guess like the characters and pokemon, but the overworld is completely 3d. While it IS possible to rip 3d stuff, this site doesn't accept 3d rips anyway.
you can make it go into 2D mode using a gameshark code
Yes, It's that king of code I used (except it was an action replay code)
And if no one knew it was it 3D, does that town looks in 3D?
So, if it's ok, I'll continue ripping towns and routes from Diamond and Pearl.
Even 3-D effects need to use 2-D textures, so they're technically rippable, yea.
I've juste finished to rip Route 201.
EDIT: Sandgem Town's upSmile
Nice man. Looking forward to the rest.
So this is as 2D as it's gonna get? Well you're doing a great job with it.
Looks good so far. Also, I'm nor sure if you are or not, but make sure that when you rip them, that they're ALL at the same perspective.
It's not Route 1, it's 201.. but good job. I was going to do this, but if you don't want any help that's fine.
i'm not against some help, if you want to rip any map, well , do it. I'd be glad (and this project in kinda big for one person so, I accept any help Smile )
Just try to change the clock of your computer around 12 o'clock because in those game, time changes colors.
And thanks for telling me it was Route 201 Wink

EDIT: I'm done with Route 202Smile
Nice one. Can you save on No Gba or no? I don't think you can, so like what do you do?
What do you mean I can't save, of course I can save my game even on No$GBA.
Theres no Save Option on the Emulator?
Well, to save just open the menu by clicking X, on the menu there is Pokedex, Pokemon... scroll down to save them just save your game.
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