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Full Version: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Cities/Routes...
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Ok, I've changed Oreburg City.
I should be able to rip the next map this Week End.
nice this is coool pictures
Actually, I might not have the time to rip a map today, but I updated the first post.
Great job with these, I hope you have the patience to rip them all. And no the code doesn't work for Platinum because the internal coding of the game is different, so don't worry about it too much. There's no way to rip Platinum maps at the time being (or at least I haven't heard the code for it existing yet).
Hmm - what about those berries on Floaroma Town's sheet?
Can you do something about that?
I'm supposed to take those berries off?
Well it's just that you can obviously remove the berries in the game... So...
Ok, I'm done with Eterna City.Smile
Are you gonna do the gyms? also will you do the battle frontier, or just the DP battle tower?
Yeah, I guess that some day I will rip the gyms.
For now I'll just rip the Battle Tower and if one day their is the code for 2D sprite of Pokémon Platinim, I will rip the Batlle Frontier.
So...are these gonna go on the site?
Well, if the administrators accept those maps, sure.
EDIT: I didn't thought I would rip a second map today but I did it, I've just finished ripping Hearthome City.
EDIT (again): ok, i'm done with Solaceon Town. That's the third and last map for today. Wink
Sure, I don't see why they shouldn't - I'm just concerned about animated tiles and removable stuff...
The berries, and I think the flowers animate?
Well, for removable stuff, I'm not sure if I have to remove them. If you say so, well I believe you.
And for animated tiles, well I dont think I can do a animated map.
Just include all animation frames of tiles that are animated, such as water, flowers and berry trees and put a blank space in their place so people can paste whichever frame in there they want. I honestly think the berry trees should get their own sheet, though.
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