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Full Version: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Cities/Routes...
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Saturne, just so you know, I'm the dude that goes around and save the sheets - the administrator who will "accept those maps"
But I do think it'd be best if you gave the berries their own sheet and leave a blank space there, and have a sheet of animated tiles.
That way it's just more usable for other people.

You understand, right?
I've just ripped Veilstone City, I don't know why but that city was kinda hard to rip.
I'll take of the berries and the cutable trees later on. For now, I'll just continue ripping the maps.

EDIT: Pastoria City is now on the list (without the berriesWink )
I'm back, Celestic Town is now ripped.
Nice job, but a few questions:
- Is it possible to rip the maps the way they look during morning and night, or do they always turn out the way they are?
- Do you plan on ripping the Platinum maps eventually, too? They're different because they have a bit of snow on the ground.
-I guess it's possible to rip the maps at any time of the day.
-Eventually if there is a code for 2D sprites in that game.

Ok, I'm done with Canalave City.
The next map will be Snowpoint City.

EDIT: Ok, I've finished ripping Snowpoint City.
Sweet, I was waiting for that one.
These are really nice! Makes me feel stupid all this time I have been ripping tiles from Platinum and editting them to look 2D >.> Waste of time for me. BTW, Platinum tiles are actually alot different in color and shades, so If you ever find a code for Platinum, keep in mind that the tiles may be different.
That's it, every City / Town are now ripped. I just have to take out those berry in Floaroma Town.
Now, I'll be ripping Routes and the "others" maps
Problem with Sunyshore City. I can see a bit of the playable character sticking out from the left side of that bigger building above the Pokemart.
Update on the first post, I think it looks nicer that way.
I should be able to rip one or more gyms today.
Ok, good good!
Spear Pillar is done.
I might rip one or two other map today.
Awesome project. A few questions if you don't mind.

1. Are these rips resized? They look a little smaller than what I remember in-game. If so, any chance for the un-resized version?
EDIT: Quick comparison I did, from a google image.
Could be because of the 3D aspect, but even still the buildings look scaled bigger. The picture on the right takes up as much size as the the first two rows of buildings and then some. Not sure what to make of it.

2. Any plans on making a tileset out of this?

Keep up the good work. Smile
Its Jubilife city isn't it, not Jubilive?
Great rips so far, nothing i saw wrong with them.
Oh yeah, it is. Thanks, I'll change it.
New maps: the Battle Tower, the Trophy Garden and the Fuego Ironworks.
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