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Full Version: Notable Japan-only Games
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Some of you may know that part of my job involves creating videos about Japanese exclusive games. The main appeal of the show is for people to learn more about the history of game development in Japan, and I'd like to continue to expand that show even further. I have a list of around 100+ games I plan on covering at some point in the future, and I'm just curious to find out what games you guys personally feel are either notable Japanese releases in some way or particularly obscure, good games.

We've only made 3 episodes so far, but we're expanding that to around 8 before end of the year. We'll keep on going from there.

Let me know your thoughts!
Any chance there can be an episode dedicated to all the RPGs for the SNES that never made it to this country? There's so many, especially ones based on anime that were popular at the time.
Samurai Showdown V aka Samurai Spirits Zero was released worldwide, IIRC. meanwhile, they decided to update the arcade game to Samurai Spirits Zero Special, as fans weren't totally impressed with the first release. this release included a few extra characters, new HUD and more "violent KO's."

Samurai Showdown 6 also didn't make it west until the release of the multi-platform Anthology. i believe it's Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kankakuden in Japan.

Not sure if you'd want to do this one since its a Shonen Jump property and its only a decade old, but I always thought it was interesting that it never came to the west.
Samurai Shodown V Special is also the last official Neo Geo game released, which was unbelievably in 2004 (making the Neo Geo system one of the longest-lasting consoles ever, with the arcade hardware released in 1990 and the home hardware released in 91).
Obviously I'm going to mention Goemon. Those SNES games are awesome.

The DS one also has pretty zero coverage.

Moon Crystal on the NES was also pretty damn epic.
Years ago, I became really fascinated with a series called Sansara Naga. It's a Japan-only series that saw a release for the Famicom, Super Famicom and GBA. It's notable in that it's one of the few JPRGs with a very distinct Indian flavour to it. It also had a really awesome trailer.

Sadly, the game hasn't even gotten a menu-only fan translation. If I could see a video about the series it would go a long ways towards satiating my curiosity.
You never know man, it might be comming soon.

Also, not sure if it counts but the differences in Mr Gimmick and Gimmick! (aka how shit the music was in the Western release) is quite interesting.

And, although not 'technically' Japanese only, Hebereke (I think that's how you spell it) is an often missed title (it was also released in Europe as the ugly looking Ufouria).

Oh and of course 'Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa' (often known as 'The Baby Mario Game' because of pirates releases). Fantastic Famicon game right there.

Oh and Doki Doki Amusement park on the Famicon as well. Like honestly I'm not sure if that's the game's real name as the Internet doesn't seem to know about it...

Oh, oh - and Layla (again Famicon) - though it might be a Disk System game. Remember it being a lot like Metroid.

And, finally (for now) Yume Penguin Monogatari - which is quite a well known one I guess. But as it's about a Penguin who's lady leaves him for a Penguin Pimp because he got too fat - that's pretty rad!
there was a cute anime-looking platformer for the SFC (called Zettai something...don't remember), and they localized it to be a doofy jetsons game instead. and as much as i appreciate growing up with old american cartoons, that was kind of a dick move. lol
Hey, shouldn't this thread also be in Facts?
Seiken Densetsu 3 comes to mind. A very pleasing, Japanese only follow-up to Secret of Mana.
(11-10-2016, 10:56 PM)JazzGW Wrote: [ -> ]there was a cute anime-looking platformer for the SFC (called Zettai something...don't remember), and they localized it to be a doofy jetsons game instead. and as much as i appreciate growing up with old american cartoons, that was kind of a dick move. lol

tl;dr: it was actually a Jetsons game first. It became Yokai Buster after. The main character of Yokai Buster was a sort of mascot character in a Japanese Nintendo-oriented magazine that starred in recurring comics, not terribly unlike Howard and Nester in Nintendo Power. The magazine folks got the rights to the Jetsons game from Taito, and slapped the relevant imagery over it with a few extra doodads and new music because they wanted something promotional to tie in to the magazine sooner rather than later.

So in a shocking twist, any dick move in this game-development story is on the Japanese side.
Rhythm Tengoku. It's the first game in the Rhythm Heaven series and came out for the GBA. It never made it outside of Japan. The first game we got in this series was the second game for the DS, which is called Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan.

There is also a japan exclusive rhythm game in Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii.
Live-A-Live would be a good one to do in my honest opinion.

Same with the Parodius franchise.
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